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Christmas Eve confession to girls

What are the love words to girls on Christmas Eve? It is very atmosphere and romantic to express your beloved girl on Christmas Eve. But many boys don't know what to say when they confess to girls? So the following Xiaobian helped you sort out the complete collection of love words on Christmas Eve. Tell the goddess quickly!

1. Every snowflake falls on Christmas Eve, every fireworks is lit, every second flows, and every miss is transmitted. All represent every blessing I want to send you!

2. Merry Christmas, dear! Do you know who I am? This problem may not be important to you, but I care!

3. Do you remember Christmas in the last century? Let me accompany you through the Christmas of the 21st century. okay?

4. The snowflakes outside the window are floating in the sky, the hymns in the church are flowing in the crowd, I'm praying, you come back quickly, I want to say to you, 'I can't do without you'.

5. The moonlight and snowflakes at Christmas are not as good as your words of blessing me. I give you the same blessing. Are you happy?

6. The wind blows gently, the snow floats quietly, and in the cold Christmas, only you can warm my heart, so please don't leave me.

7. Do you see my confused eyes in the snowflakes. On the warm Christmas Eve, do you see my love for you

8. On the most romantic and warm day of the year, let's be together, okay?

9. The heart is flying and the feeling is high. Let's listen to the Christmas bell on Christmas Eve, shall we?

10. When the bell rang on Christmas Eve, my heart was crying for you. May you be happy and safe!

11. Christmas Eve is peaceful and Christmas is happy. Love you all your life

12. With the arrival of Christmas Eve, I think of my classmates and friends in the distance and ask: how are you? Say: Merry Christmas! May friendship last forever! Happy New Year!

13. No matter where I am, I only have a turning distance from you. Let my heart dance with you on this Christmas Eve

14. The warm atmosphere of Christmas Eve: the halo of the moon, the sound of bells, the shadow of lights and my little blessing; It conveys the message of the festival: Holiness, peace and happiness!

15. Because of love, life becomes happiness. Because of you, this Christmas is happy.

16. I want to put my hand in your hand and let you lead me into the christmas church to celebrate our Christmas

17. With the arrival of Christmas, the air is filled with joy. Just like my mood, let me sing a hymn tonight and beg for better tomorrow.

18. Why do the stars twinkle in the sky? It is your eyes that make them feel ashamed; How I want to be a glove on your hand, so I can kiss the fragrance on your face!

19. In the light twilight, you will embark on your return journey. I wonder how you have been all day. In the far corner, there is a heart standing for you. Don't remember, because the wind just passing is my tenderness.

20. Reading it, you owe me a hug; Delete it owes me a kiss; Save it and owe me an appointment; If reply you owe me all; If you don't return, you are mine. Christmas Eve is coming. I wish love sweet!