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How to prevent being sexually assaulted when female teachers have sex with male students

How to prevent being sexually assaulted when female teachers have sex with male students this year's cases of sexual assault on minors occur repeatedly, which is shocking. Sexual assault on minors is often a psychological and physiological double blow, which may be accompanied by a child's life. Recently, a junior high school female head teacher sexual assault on a boy under 14 years old is concerned, and the female teacher sexual assault on a boy is really surprising, causing widespread concern in the society. Let's see the details below Information, and teenagers face sexual assault!

On the morning of May 31, Changzhou intermediate people's Court issued ten cases to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors, and for the first time released the animation short film "how to prevent sexual assault in kangkang'an" to educate and warn minors. One of the top ten cases released at the scene was a middle school teacher in Changzhou who had sex with a male student in her class for many times and was sentenced to three years for child molestation.

It is understood that the defendant, Huang Mou (female), was a teacher of a middle school in Jintan City. In 2013, she served as a class teacher of a class in the first grade of the victim, Wang Mou (male, born in 2001). Huang Mou, the defendant, still had sex with Wang Mou for many times in his home, hotel and other places from March to August 2014, knowing that Wang Mou, his student, was under the age of 14. After the case, Huang was sued to the court by Jintan District procuratorate for child molestation.

After hearing the case, the people's Court of Jintan District, Changzhou City held that Huang Mou, the defendant, knew that Wang Mou, the victim, was a child under the age of 14, still had sexual relations with him for many times, and his act had constituted the crime of child molestation, so he should be given a heavier punishment according to law. If he has surrendered himself, he may be given a lighter punishment according to law. If he has no criminal record, he may voluntarily plead guilty in court and be given a lighter punishment as appropriate. The defendant, Huang Mou, was sentenced to three years' imprisonment for child molestation.

In response to the case, the judge said that Huang, who was lawless and had sex with children for many times, should be punished severely. As a people's teacher, he is a person who has special responsibilities for minors, but violates laws and ethics. He has sex with junior one students under the age of 14 for many times. The behavior is of a bad nature and has a very bad social impact. He has failed to live up to the respect and trust of students and parents for teachers, and has brought psychological trauma to the victims' young hearts and families. The people's court has legally given him To punish.

How to prevent minors from being sexually assaulted

1. Travel together on the road, try to avoid going out in the dark, and try not to go to a quiet or unhelpful place;

2. Go out with the consent of your parents. When you leave your parents, you must tell them where to go, with whom, walking route, return time, contact information, etc;

3. Don't hitchhike, especially for people you don't know; 4. Don't trust strangers, don't accept money or gifts from people you don't know very well, and don't eat food and drink from people you don't know;

5. When a person is at home, he / she should close the doors and windows. Before opening the door, he / she should ask who the person is. Don't let outsiders enter the house easily, even if they are familiar to you;

6. Do not enter or leave the Internet bar, video hall, singing and dancing hall, hotel and other places, and do not watch pornographic films, videos and books;

7. Be brave to say no to improper or uncomfortable physical contact;

8. Bear in mind that strangers or acquaintances may commit aggression, and anyone who proposes sexual contact should refuse it outright;

9. Remember the phone numbers of parents and police 110;

10. Learn some simple and practical moves to deal with attacks or violations.