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How do chinchillas take a bath? Precautions for raising chinchilla

Many people like to raise cute and petite chinchillas. As pets, chinchillas also have a lot of precautions. How to wash chinchillas in the bath? Let's take a look at the taboo of chinchilla bathing.

How do chinchillas take a bath

Chinchillas do not have sweat glands, so cleaning is very easy. Wild chinchillas bathe in volcanic ash, but silica, the main component of volcanic ash, is harmful to people after long-term inhalation. Therefore, artificially bred chinchillas bathe with substitutes.

The frequency of taking a bath for chinchilla every 2-3 days has proved to be beneficial to the physical and mental health of chinchilla. Taking a bath every day in especially humid weather is also inevitable, but it is worth noting that excessive Bathing will cause dry skin of chinchilla.

If the chinchillas are closed in a closed container for bathing, they should be released for up to 5 minutes, otherwise they may urinate and defecate a lot in it.

Very few chinchillas don't know how to take a bath. At this time, they can only sprinkle bath powder on them to help them wash. However, when chinchillas just get home and are not familiar with the environment, it's normal that they refuse to take a bath for a few days.

In fact, most chinchillas know how to take a bath by themselves (the skill learned by their mother after birth), but not every chinchilla likes to take a bath. Some chinchillas don't pay much attention when taking a bath. They only turn it twice in the special bath powder. At this time, they can only sprinkle the bath powder on them by hand to wash them. Very few chinchillas don't know how to take a bath. In fact, just sprinkle the special bath powder on chinchillas to make chinchillas feel something on their body. He will naturally swing his body and hope to get rid of the special bath powder. Over time, he can learn to spin in the basin and learn to take a bath by himself.

In addition, if you have more than one chinchilla, you can also let the chinchilla who can't take a bath watch from the side when another chinchilla takes a bath. With the demonstration of other companions, the chinchilla who can't take a bath also has the opportunity to learn. But the owner should be patient. Chinchilla needs some time to learn! It is normal for chinchilla not to take a bath for a few days when it has just arrived home and is not familiar with the environment.

It is best to take a bath in the evening, about 1 hour apart from the feeding time, preferably before feeding, so as to avoid chinchilla BB in the bathtub. The basin for bathing doesn't need to be very large, as long as it can accommodate the chinchilla, but pay attention to the height of the basin, so as to avoid the bath powder being scattered by the chinchilla. The amount of bath powder shall be controlled at the bottom of the plate, with a thickness of 0.5-1 cm. Bath powder can be reused. If BB is found in it, pick it out. If it is wet, dry it.