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The No. 51 Jersey was presented to Ji's family at the retirement ceremony of Ji's Jersey

On the evening of December 10, Beijing time, the 15th round of the regular season Beijing team played Guangzhou at home. During the half-time break, the retirement ceremony of Ji Zhe's shirt was held at the game site.

During the half-time break, Ji Zhe's lens collection during the Beijing team battle was first played on the large screen to pay tribute to the eternal No. 51 of the Beijing team. After that, Ji Zhe's mother and wife, as well as Bai Xilin, Qin Xiaowen, min Lulei and other relevant people appeared at the scene. With the background music see you again, they looked up at Ji Zhe's No. 51 giant Jersey hanging over the stadium with the fans.

At the same time, a beautifully framed and sealed Beijing team No. 51 shirt was given to Ji Zhe's family. Then, Ji's wife spoke and thanked all those who cared about Ji.