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What about makeup powder in winter? Tips for solving winter makeup floating powder

The cold wind in winter is so cold that many girls will have floating powder soon after painting exquisite makeup. What should we do in this situation? This article and Xiaobian together to understand the solution of makeup floating powder in winter

What about powder on your face

Knack 1: makeup mask

In fact, the way to save skin after dressing is to apply a mask with high moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, before making up, so that the dry skin will be replenishing water effectively, so that the skin will be in a moist state quickly, so that it can be used for makeup.

Or directly use the cotton pad soaked with moisturizing lotion or pure dew to cover the face, which is more convenient.

Tip 2: olive oil massage

Before finishing the foundation of the skin care products, you can take the right amount of olive oil in the palm of your hand, rub it evenly in your hands, and then massage evenly on the cheek and other parts.

It can soften the skin, accelerate metabolism, fundamentally reduce dry peeling, and restore the skin to a soft and radiant state.

Knack 3: choose the top makeup products and foundation with high moisture.

Mm with high dry skin and high moisturizing makeup and strong moisturizing foundation should be used. It can also be mixed into the moisturizing lotion with the ratio of 1:1 in the foundation liquid, and the bottom of the makeup is flapped.

Ps: easy to peeling after makeup mm do not use dry and wet dual-purpose powder and other cosmetic products, will aggravate the condition of peeling, even if it is fixed makeup, also should reduce the amount of powder or only in the T area to make up, careful shedding situation is more and more intense.

Tip 4: moisturizing cream final remedy

If the skin is still dry or peeling, you can use moisturizing cream to warm the skin and press it in the dry dehulling area, so that the foundation will become natural.