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Shirley's autopsy results are public, and there is no suspicion of external force or homicide

Original title: Shirley's final autopsy results are public: death not due to external forces or drugs

According to South Korean media reports, on the 10th, according to relevant police sources, last week, the National Academy of scientific investigation received the final autopsy results of "Shirley did not die due to external forces or drugs". At present, the incident is in the command stage of the prosecution.

The relevant person said on the time of Shirley's death that "it is speculated that she died within a few hours around midnight the night before receiving the report." It is reported that at about 3:20 p.m. (Korean time) on October 14 this year, Shirley was found to stop breathing on the second floor of her home in Chengnan City, Gyeonggi province. It is inferred that Shirley died a few hours before and after midnight on October 13.

Previously, on October 16, the National Academy of scientific investigation conducted an autopsy on Shirley's body and conveyed to the police the oral opinion that "no suspicion of homicide such as external force or pressure was found" (the first autopsy results).