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The teacher taught the rooster to play the piano, and his learning ability was comparable to that of

Extra! Extra! Extra!

The rooster can play the piano

It's unbelievable

This kind of thing really exists

December 5th

Somewhere in Guizhou

A college teacher who teaches pet behavior psychology

He is teaching his cock to play the piano

According to the teacher

Cocks are easier to train than dogs

Up to now, he has taught his cock

Play two tracks "me and my motherland"

And Fairy Tales

Recently, I was studying the city of the sky

Unfortunately, the rooster can't perform live

Because chickens are still afraid of strangers

If you don't do enough training and arrangement

Easy to cause confusion

A chicken's brain is small

Not half as big as a dog's brain

But in learning

Far more than a dog

In this regard

Netizens said one after another

I'm not as good as a rooster?

Some netizens said

'that's great, my God '

I doubt I'm the best in the world

This is the legend

I sprinkled rice on the keyboard

Chickens are better than you

Some netizens also said

Get up earlier than a chicken and go to bed later than a chicken

The result is not as good as this chicken

Some netizens joked

Big cock

Give me an old uncle to sing

'draw a dragon with me on the left & hellip& hellip;'

It's a world of wonders

Even chickens work so hard

What qualifications do we have not to work hard?