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Yue Yunpeng was asked to step down for 10 seconds without singing the tearful song

The recent Deyun society really doesn't know what happened. Zhang Yunlei's ridicule of Peking opera artists was moved out not long ago, which immediately aroused heated discussion. Finally, Zhang Yunlei was forced to apologize under pressure, while crosstalk actor Yue Yunpeng was told by the organizer that the time had come and the performance had to be ended before the performance was finished.

From the performance video uploaded by netizens, we know the general process of the event. At the beginning, Yue Yunpeng and his partner performed crosstalk for everyone on the stage. The humorous and funny passages attracted constant laughter. It can be seen that Yue Yunpeng was very happy and interacted with the audience from time to time. The atmosphere was very harmonious. After all, Yue Yunpeng was a favorite crosstalk actor, It can be said that every performance is full.

When they were performing hard, Yue Yunpeng suddenly stopped. Yue Yunpeng stood there and hesitated for a long time. It turned out that the organizer warned that the program would end ahead of schedule. From the video, Yue Yunpeng seemed to want to negotiate with the organizer, but he was dissuaded by his partner. It can be seen that Yue Yunpeng's expression was dignified, and the netizens on the scene also restored the reason for the matter, The original scheduled time was temporarily changed, resulting in that the original carefully prepared program had no time to finish.

Yue Yunpeng had no choice but to temporarily change the program and sing a small song for the audience on the stage. However, just halfway through the singing, the host came on the stage to announce that today's performance was over. It was a forced rush to catch up with the rhythm. Yue Yunpeng was very excited. He thought of interacting with the audience off the stage and was stopped by teacher Sun Yue. Yue Yunpeng's expression was very helpless.

When Yue Yunpeng left the stage to say goodbye to the audience, he was sad and shed tears because he didn't want to leave the stage. He kept saying how much he missed the stage as an actor. He didn't even give him an extra minute. He said and wiped his tears with his hands. The audience shouted, Yue Yunpeng, come on, don't cry. Finally, Yue Yunpeng fell off the microphone and left angrily.

Netizens expressed their love for Yue Yunpeng when they saw this scene. They all felt that the organizer was too much. In fact, Yue Yunpeng's reputation was very high among crosstalk actors. It seemed that they had never encountered such a situation before. Netizens also felt it difficult for Yue Yunpeng. To tell the truth, when they saw Yue Yunpeng crying, they really felt how desperate he was.

In fact, Yue Yunpeng is a very simple crosstalk actor. His achievements today also depend on his own hard work. Even after he becomes famous, he doesn't have any proud behavior. Especially a grounded crosstalk actor, it's no wonder that so many people like him. It's probably influenced by some things recently. All crosstalk actors are trembling. Anyway, I hope Yue Yunpeng can be strong. You are a favorite crosstalk actor and you are the best.