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Tesla charges traffic fees, and Tesla traffic is free

Original title: Tesla began to charge $10 / month traffic fee at the end of free lunch

According to foreign media reports, Tesla informed users who buy Tesla after July 1, 2018 that they must pay for the traffic package premium connectivity at a price of $10 / month (about 70 yuan), while users who buy cars before July 1 can still use car traffic for free. It should be added that the package is not necessary. Users can still use navigation for free. In addition, online music, video, visual traffic, browser, karaoke, etc. are all within the scope of charging, or users can share mobile phone hotspots and use these functions.

At present, this policy is only implemented abroad, and domestic Tesla owners have not received such notice.

Previously, Tesla had announced that the traffic was free for five years. Up to now, it has been overdue for more than one year. Tesla CEO musk also mentioned the charging problem. However, Tesla has not determined the charging time and price. Now this boot has finally landed.

For Chinese people, potential consumers of domestic model 3 may be affected by the policy, but the domestic traffic is not expensive. Tesla should not give a particularly high monthly price. What is the monthly traffic fee you can accept?