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Wang Yangming knew that Gao Yixiang died in the middle of the night. They were supposed to record th

According to Taiwan media reports, Wang Yangming attended the event on the evening of the 6th. When asked about his friend Gao Yixiang's death, he sighed: "many things are inconvenient. I would have been on that program on the same day because of my wife. I don't want to leave her for two or three days & hellip& hellip; I knew the news in the middle of the night. I was also in the program group. It's hard to accept it later. "

He and Gao Yixiang are good friends at work. Although they don't often meet privately, they once played basketball together. He felt that this matter would definitely affect the whole industry. "Of course, he would think a lot. It would be a lie to say that he would not want to. I hope everyone can take good care of their health and care for their family and friends. I hope everything is OK and be better to themselves." Finally, he seemed unable to suppress his sad mood and ended the topic with 'don't want to say much'.