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Comparison of the harm of two kinds of injuries to beer and Baijiu

Drinking is actually hurting your body, but we have to drink many occasions. So if we choose two in Baijiu and beer, which is less harmful to the body?

Under the same conditions, drinking the same amount of Baijiu and beer at the same time, drinking beer can slightly hurt the human body. That is, Baijiu is more harmful to the body.

Beer is a kind of low alcohol beverage with low concentration, which is full of carbon dioxide and brewed by yeast fermentation with malt, hops and water as the main raw materials. It is called 'liquid bread'.

Beer has the least alcohol content, so drinking beer is not easy to intoxicate and hurt people. Drinking a small amount of beer is beneficial to health. Moreover, it has high cost performance and low alcohol concentration. It is a very common table drink in life. However, excessive intake is easy to lead to excess energy, leading to obesity, liver and kidney damage and cardiovascular health. And the alcohol in beer will also paralyze nerves, reduce the reaction speed of the brain and reduce appetite.

Baijiu is different from yellow wine, beer and fruit wine. Besides containing a very small amount of sodium, copper and zinc, it contains almost no vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. it contains only water and ethanol. Baijiu has the functions of activating blood circulation, promoting the appetite, relieving fatigue and cultivating the sentiment, making people light and quick and refreshing. Drinking a small amount of low alcohol Baijiu can dilate small blood vessels, reduce the sugar content in blood, promote blood circulation, delay the deposition of cholesterol and other lipid in the blood vessel wall, and are beneficial to circulatory system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

However, excessive drinking will lead to alcoholism, that is, alcoholism, which will damage people, and the most important thing is the central nervous system. It will make the nervous system from excited to highly inhibited, seriously destroy the normal function of the nervous system, and then damage the liver, which can lead to alcoholic liver cirrhosis. In addition, long-term heavy drinking will also harm germ cells, lead to mental retardation of offspring, and the risk of laryngeal and digestive tract cancer.

Yellow wine has been Baijiu, yellow wine and beer are the most common types of alcoholic beverages in recent years.