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Tips for choosing a water heater: which is better, air energy or solar energy?

Water heater is a household appliance often used in life, but how to buy a water heater suitable for yourself? What's the difference between air energy and solar energy? Which is better? Let's look at the purchase method of water heater.

Security aspects

The air energy water heater is absolutely safe. It heats water by absorbing the heat of air. The solar water heater heats water by the heat in the sun, but when there is no sun, it needs electric auxiliary heating, which is also dangerous.

Once electric auxiliary heating is installed, there must be a risk of electric shock. Pay special attention to the effectiveness of grounding and leakage protection during installation.


The air energy water heater can keep constant temperature hot water for 24 hours. The temperature of the solar water heater will be greatly reduced in a day or two. It can only be used for ordinary hand washing, and it is not hot enough for bathing.

The thermal insulation effect of air energy thermal insulation water tank is much better than that of solar energy. The main reason is that there are many holes in the solar thermal insulation water tank connected with the glass tube, which will inevitably lead to heat loss.

Functional comparison

The air energy water heater has the functions of kitchen air conditioning and central hot water. The hot water of the solar water heater can only be used in the bathroom. The central hot water can solve the daily needs of life, and the kitchen air conditioning can solve the problem of stuffy kitchen.

The water circulating air energy host can also be used as an air conditioner, which is especially suitable for beauty salons. It can not only heat water, but also send air conditioner, killing two birds with one stone.

Saving comparison

The air energy water heater heats 200L water for about 2 hours, which requires 1.2 ~ 1.5 kwh a day. The solar water heater does not need electricity when the sun is full, but when sufficient water is needed in cloudy and rainy weather or at night, the heating time is 0.7 kwh for 20 minutes, and the power is about 2000W.

When solar energy is not hot enough in winter, it is suggested that gas-fired auxiliary heating will be more cost-effective than electric auxiliary heating.

Restrictive comparison

The operation of air energy water heater is not affected by any factors in use. The solar water heater is greatly affected by the weather. It can't work in cloudy days, rainy and snowy days, and at night, which is very restrictive.

In general, air energy is better than solar energy, but solar energy is better than air energy in terms of price. Air energy is more expensive than solar energy and its volume is larger than solar energy. I hope these will help you.