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Will the bedside be by the window? Taboo of placing bedside by window

The position of the bed in the bedroom is very particular. People spend a third of their time in bed every day. Many people like to put the head of the bed against the window, so how about the head of the bed facing the window? Relevant taboos must be kept in mind.

1. Taboo of bedside by window

The bedside by the window means that there is no backer from the perspective of Feng Shui. It mainly affects the host's body (head and hard work) and going out to do business. For example, going out to do business is always not smooth, the reason is unclear, or the reason becomes unreasonable, and people often talk behind it. If the window position is to hit the favorite position of the five elements or the positive peach blossom position, it will inevitably have an adverse impact on marriage or feelings, leading to suspicion between the two sides, and finally distrust each other, resulting in no peace at home!

2. Interpretation of bedside by window

Interpretation: the head of the bed is placed on the window or on a positive wall near the window. According to Feng Shui, the window is the place where Qi enters and exits, so the head of the bed is close to the window and the heart is difficult to rush. The self fruit on the bed can't see the window heart behind the head. It is easy to lack a sense of peace, form energy emergency and affect health.

Science and education reveal that the windows are like the eyes of a room. Especially when going to bed during the day, the outside is bright and the outside is bright. Or lie on your back or lean on your back. In such an environment, you will feel that you are stared out by your eyes, and I can't see the change of that dangerous place completely, causing no danger to your mouth. In the other circle, the window is a sky circle with the weakest breath and light. The static image is very large, which has a great impact on sleep. People's energy is easy to lose, so it is also very beneficial to the health of the body.

3. Knowledge of bedside window

Bedroom room bedside knowledge, the top of the bedside should not be equipped with a mirror, located on both sides of the bedside. Above the head of the bed is not suitable for painting or photo frame. The top of the bed is not suitable for painting or photo frame. It will not only sleep uneasily, but also worry about falling during the earthquake. When the head of the bed is against the window and the head of the bed is against the window, it can be dissolved by decoration techniques, and the opaque decorative back plate can be pulled up during sleep. It is best to use the warm color system in the room. It is best to use the warm color system in the room to feel warm. It is best to put a lamp at the head of the bed to symbolize light.