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King glory, which hero is powerful? Recommended by the most powerful hero of the king's glory

King glory, which heroes are the most powerful? Little friends who have played the glory of the king should know that each hero actually has his own unique skills and big moves. After continuous moves, it will produce very strong lethality. So which heroes in the king canyon are more powerful? Let's have a look

Recommended by the most powerful tank Heroes: Guan Yu, Xia Houdun, Arthur

Guan Yu, as a non ban hero in the high-end Bureau, has the strongest survivability, the highest movement speed and control reduction skills, which makes him a non ban hero.

Xia Houdun has many strong abilities, such as control, blood return, deceleration, vertigo, displacement and so on, which makes him have strong survivability on the battlefield!

Arthur, as the first hero contacted by the player, has certain control ability after the revision, and can ensure enough output by using 1 skill forbidden words, which makes him not only output as a tank, but also ensure very combat resistance.

Recommended by the most powerful mages: Luna, Xiao Qiao, Diao Chan

Luna is the only hero with unlimited moves at present. Luna can shuttle unlimited moves by using the mark. This made her a nightmare for many heroes.

After the version was updated, Xiao Qiao's skill damage became more and more serious. The ability of big moves to automatically track and hit the enemy, combined with the high consumption of 1 skill and the control of 2 skills, made her a hot figure of mages at this stage.

Diao Chan has always been a strong representative from her debut to now, because as a mage, she has the displacement skills of displacement and the infinite skills of matching big moves. In the face of any hero, she can fly unlimited kites.

Recommended by the most powerful soldiers: Li Bai, Guan Yu, monkey king warrior hero

Li Bai's advantage is that his two skills cannot be selected. And 1 skill two-stage displacement plus the special effect of returning to the original place can ensure that Li Bai can legend the battlefield at will and retreat safely.

The biggest feature of the monkey king is his high critical hit. He is one of the strongest heroes. In the face of any crispy unit, you can directly stealth three sticks and take them away. In the high-end game, the monkey king is a hero that players must grab.

Guan Yu, as a non ban hero in the high-end Bureau, has the strongest survivability, the highest movement speed and a reduction artifact!

Recommended by the most powerful Assassins: Hua Mulan, Sun Wukong and Li Bai

Note: since Sun Wukong and Li Bai are also positioned as soldiers, if these two heroes are deducted, Han Xin and Miyamoto Musashi can be recommended

Hua Mulan has four segments of displacement ability, and the skills match the high damage of general attack. The very simple operation ability makes this hero the first sister of the version.

The most powerful Archer heroes are sun Shangxiang, Marco Polo and Hou Yi

Sun Shangxiang can have multiple displacements with her passivity, and the high explosion and high range after displacement make her the most mainstream hero among shooters.

Marco Polo, as a new hero, made many players extremely obsessed with big moves and high damage of one skill. And 2 skill non delay blink gives him a very good living space

Hou Yi's 1 skill deceleration, 2 skill range, high damage and big move full screen attack control make him a favorite of many players. According to official data, Hou Yi is the most frequently used hero of all

Strongest auxiliary recommendation: Sun Bin auxiliary hero

There are not many auxiliary heroes, and the emergence of group silence and deceleration of Sun Bin's big move makes this little Zhengtai the most popular auxiliary in the version. With the control of skill 1 and the acceleration of skill 2, whether it's mission opening or pursuit, it's like a tiger with him.