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Zhu Dan apologized for the slip of the tongue. Zhu Dan said nothing wrong. Why apologize

On December 4, Zhu Dan appeared in the publicity campaign in Shanghai and talked about the mistake controversy caused by calling gulinaza Dili Reba at the fashion event yesterday. She said frankly: 'I really mind this happened last night, because Leo doesn't allow himself to make mistakes, and he made such low-level mistakes, so I'm very unhappy, Really depressed. It takes a lot of time, but when I go to bed and see my daughter lying next to me, I feel that people are sometimes peaceful and stable. There are some mistakes. Be tolerant of yourself and don't be so harsh. Because you are too tired, your life is the same when you come to the end. You know, learn a lesson and don't make it again next time. Every moment is not easy, so it will make you feel the beauty of the moment to correct your mistakes the next day and go to battle lightly next time. You should protect it. Don't hold your daughter to sleep with this negative emotion, which may destroy her peace. I might as well put it aside, put my arms around my daughter first, and correct my previous mistakes when I work next time, which will make my heart smoother. "

On the evening of the 3rd, Zhu Dan apologized for a slip of the tongue, saying: "there is no reason. Today, I sincerely apologize to gulinaza, diri Reba and Lin Yun. Please forgive my carelessness. For a professional host, this is absolutely not allowed. not to be taken as a precedent! I hope it won't affect your good mood. Thank r1se's children in particular. When the stage was dark and I couldn't move forward, you stopped to help me off the stage and delayed the opening pose. In particular, the final group photo is really a big test for the host. We also look forward to your suggestions & hellip& hellip; Partner Wang Yaoqing, we have a good combination & hellip& hellip;'