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Shenyang residential building fire no casualties

Original title: Shenyang residential building fire no casualties witness: Firefighters knock door to door, special thanks!

At 9:16 p.m. on December 2, the command center of Liaoning Shenyang fire rescue detachment received an alarm. A fire broke out in Building 102, Sr international new town community, Hunnan District, Shenyang. After nearly four hours of fire fighting, all the open fires were extinguished and no casualties were caused.

The open fire has been completely extinguished and no casualties have been found

After receiving the alarm, Shenyang fire rescue detachment dispatched 47 fire engines and 235 firefighters to the scene for rescue. The location of the fire is the north outer wall of block a, Building 102, Sr new town. The building is a commercial and residential building with 25 floors in total. According to witnesses, the fire was on the 6th floor in the east of the apartment building, and then the fire began to burn up along the north side of the building to the roof.

According to the eyewitness, after the fire truck arrived at the scene, because the gate of the park vehicle passage entering the fire scene was closed, the fire truck could not enter the scene in time, so it could only set up a water gun position on the periphery and use an anti-aircraft gun to fight the fire. After the gate is opened, fire vehicles enter the park for close-up fire fighting.

As of about 1:20 a.m. today (3rd), the open fire has been basically extinguished. As the site also emits thick smoke from time to time, firefighters continue to cool the building in order to prevent re ignition.

According to the Shenyang emergency Bureau, after the fire, the government departments safely transferred 298 residents without casualties. The cause of the fire is still under further investigation.

'special thanks to firefighters' residents talk about the thrilling moment

After the fire, Shenyang emergency center dispatched 11 120 emergency vehicles to stand by at the fire site. Many hospitals near the fire site also opened green channels.

In the Northeast International Hospital, CCTV reporter interviewed Mr. Wang, a resident rescued by firefighters from the 21st floor. He told reporters about the thrilling moment at that time.

According to Mr. Wang, when the fire happened, he smelled paste while watching TV. When he opened the door, he found a lot of smoke outside the house. Mr. Wang said that he could still see the road at that time, but he remembered that there were children in his neighbor's house, so he knocked on the door of his neighbor's house to remind him. Therefore, he missed the opportunity to escape. After that, Mr. Wang and his girlfriend have been hiding in the room. About an hour later, the firemen knocked on their door. Escorted by two firefighters, they escaped safely with other neighbors.

When going downstairs, Mr. Wang saw many firefighters going upstairs. They were knocking door to door to confirm whether there was anyone in the room and there were water pipes in the corridor. Mr. Wang sighed, 'thank the firefighters in particular'.

At present, Mr. Wang and his girlfriend are in good health and have been discharged from the hospital.