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Why is it so popular to buy Taishan coins when the market price of Taishan coins has doubled five ti

Original title: 120 million 'second light', this coin is on fire! Someone changed hands and made 300%

Not long after the launch, it was clear that everyone had a chance to get it, but someone bought hellip at a high price of 3-4 times in the market& hellip; What is so popular?

This is not Maotai, but a commemorative coin.

Some people may think that commemorative coins are nothing strange. The central bank issues them every year. But this is the first time that a square commemorative coin.

First special-shaped ordinary commemorative coin

On November 28, Taishan ordinary commemorative coin, the first special-shaped ordinary commemorative coin issued by the people's Bank of China, began to be exchanged.

The style of Taishan commemorative coins is rounded square, made of brass alloy, with a denomination of 5 yuan and a circulation of 120 million. The main theme of the coin is Mount Tai, a world cultural and natural heritage, including Mount Tai pine and cypress, Mount Tai sunrise, mountain Porter, Mount Tai stone carvings, South Tianmen, 18 plates and Jade Emperor's top.

Since China first issued commemorative coins in 1984, the material and size of commemorative coins have been constantly updated and changed, but the circular shape has remained unchanged. For the first time, the Taishan coin adopts a special-shaped round square.

A set of 20 Taishan coins are packed in golden plastic currency barrels, which is different from the paper packaging of commemorative coins in the past. Some Tibetan friends said that Tarzan coins can no longer be called 'one roll', but should be called 'one barrel', which means' one barrel of rivers and mountains'.

Because of this, the appointment and exchange of Taishan coins are very popular.

According to the first financial report, as early as November 21, the online reservation channel of Taishan commemorative coins was opened, and each person can reserve a set of 20 coins. Many commemorative coin lovers reflect that the appointment is very hot, and it is difficult to make a successful appointment.

According to the data of Xinhua news agency and CCB's official website, 2.48 million pieces were reserved 10 minutes after the start of reservation in Beijing, accounting for about 40% of all available reservations on the line; At 0:40 on November 21, the system updated the reservation progress again, and the number of online reservations in Beijing has been displayed as zero. Some citizens reported that after 0.15, there would be no quota available in Beijing online, even in the outer suburbs.

Many citizens who did not make an appointment on the line at night rushed to CCB outlets early in the morning to queue up for an appointment. On the morning of November 21, CCB Beijing branch had 36 outlets in various districts of Beijing for on-site reservation. However, the on-site reservation amount of each outlet is more than 8000 to 22000, much less than the online reservation amount.

At 10:10 a.m. that day, according to the data on the official website of CCB, 336370 offline 631000 have been reserved in Beijing, and 294630 are available. At 3:40 p.m., the system will display 'offline quantity that can be reserved' as' 0 '.

A branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of Shanghai lined up early in the morning on the first day of exchange on the 28th. At 10 a.m., several people who received Tarzan coins said they waited in line for more than an hour to get them, and most of the team were elderly people.

Lao Zhang in line said frankly, 'it's difficult to make an appointment for Taishan coin. It's gone in 10 minutes. When I made an appointment, some young people didn't sleep at 12 o'clock to grab the commemorative coins. It's not easy for us old people to stay up until 12 o'clock. "

Lao Zhang also said: 'this Taishan coin has new ideas, is much more unique, and feels more valuable for collection.' Lao Li also believes that Taishan coins are more innovative and collectible than Zodiac coins issued every year.

The staff of a branch of China Construction Bank in a city in Northwest China also said that Taishan coins are very popular. " In the cold weather of minus 3 degrees, the team who came to the bank outlet to exchange in the morning has lined up outside the bank. The previous commemorative coin reservation and exchange market have not been so popular. "

According to Langfang radio, in Anshan Branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, long-awaited citizens lined up at the designated outlets early in the morning in order to see the beauty of Taishan coins. In the morning, only one exchange outlet received more than 400 successful citizens.

The maximum market price is five times

The reservation time is from November 21 to 24. The online reservation channel of Taishan coins is opened, and the reservation and exchange limit per person is 20 pieces. November 28 - December 1 is the exchange time. According to the statistics released by the central bank, as of 24:00 on the 28th, all Taishan coins in all other regions had been reserved, except that the reservation progress in Tibet was 99.3%.

As of 9 a.m. on December 1, according to the exchange data of the four major banks, the exchange rate of Taishan coins was nearly 87%, and the exchange volume had exceeded 100 million pieces.

As a commemorative coin of 'world cultural and Natural Heritage', Taishan coin has good collection value. Due to the scarcity of quantity, the price of Taishan coin is rising in the market, far higher than its face value of 5 yuan.

According to first finance, on November 28, when the exchange began, many 'scalpers' were purchased at a premium, with an offer price of 280-300 yuan. An e-commerce platform can sell up to 481 yuan a set, about 24 yuan a piece.

I saw on the microblog platform that many netizens bid online. Among them, there are not a few buyers who bid 300 for a roll of 20, that is, 15 yuan / piece is a more common market price; There are also sellers who bid 800 yuan for 40 in two volumes, or 390 yuan for 20 in one volume, about 20 yuan / piece, an increase of 300%.

Microblog users also said that there was no problem with 30 pieces at the end of the year.

On some commemorative coin trading platforms, on the first day of exchange, the transaction price of Taishan coin is basically about 14.8 yuan - 15 yuan; Subsequently, there was a slight decline, and the market purchase price was about 13-14 yuan; However, the slight decline did not last long, followed by an obvious and powerful rise in the Taishan currency market.

On November 30, there were a large number of large orders for Taishan coins at the price of 15.3-16 yuan; On December 1, the purchase price of Taishan coin soared directly to 16 yuan. At present, there are basically large orders in the market.

The reason why Taishan coins are so popular is that according to the analysis, on the one hand, due to its small face value and small circulation, the market capital pressure is also relatively small, and the collection threshold is reduced; On the other hand, because the face value is small, it is easier to be hyped by coin dealers, and the small circulation and only one appointment also increase the scarcity of Taishan coins, resulting in a rise in prices.

Although Taishan coins are widely sought after at present, the main value of commemorative coins still lies in collection. If lovers fry coins blindly, there will be risks.