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Which is cheaper, Taobao double 12 or double 11? The difference between double eleven and Double Twe

Double eleven has just passed, and it will be double twelve soon. At this time of year, everyone will go shopping crazily, because double eleven and Double Twelve activities are very strong, and it is the most cost-effective to buy things at this time of year. So the question is, is Taobao double 12 cheap or double 11 cheap? Let's take a look at this article~

Which is cheaper, Taobao double 12 or double 11

Taobao double 12 activity is a large-scale promotion activity in Taobao's annual promotion activities, which is second only to Taobao double 11. Taobao's double 11 has the largest promotion in the whole year's promotion activities of Taobao. Because Taobao's double 11 has a price protection mechanism and is the lowest price in the whole year, double 12 has restrictions on the seller's commodity price and cannot be lower than Taobao's double 11 price. However, compared with the usual commodity prices, the preferential strength is still great.

The difference between double eleven and Double Twelve

Time of initiation:

① Double 11: launched in 2009, on November 11 of each year.

② Double 12: launched in 2011, on December 12 of each year.

Merchant promotion:

① Double 11: with the help of double 11 single publicity points, shopping carnival is triggered, and the main body is tmall merchants.

② Double 12: with the continuation of the residual temperature of double 11, the publicity is less, and the main body is Taobao merchants.

Product promotion:

① Double 11: mainly promote tmall's international products.

② Double 12: mainly promote the products of small and medium-sized merchants of Taobao.

Promotion routine:

① Double 11: it's a routine for activities to make money.

② Double 12: it is the routine of clearing at the end of the year.

Consumer purchases:

① Double 11: every year, some merchants have a great atmosphere of promotional activities, and consumers change from wait-and-see to purchase.

② Double 12: because there are many things to buy in double 11, consumers will reduce their purchases when they go to double 12.

Comparison of discounts:

In fact, there is little difference in preferential strength, but if double 11 can't grab the goods, double 12 can take the opportunity to make up for it.