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Yang Di manually locked the toilet door and asked for help online, which made netizens laugh

On the evening of December 1, Yang Di, who has always been funny, posted a photo of hooking the toilet door with his hand through his microblog and wrote: 'the toilet in the mall can't be locked. I'm afraid that passers-by will suddenly open the door and look at each other. I can only operate in this way [allow sadness] who has a better way?? Online, etc. " Because the toilet door lock was broken, Yang Di hooked the gap on the lower edge of the toilet with two fingers to prevent someone from entering. The picture is also quite funny.

After the microblog was exposed, it quickly attracted a crowd of netizens to watch and leave messages to support the move. Some netizens said: 'keep repeating & lsquo; There's someone inside. I'm Yang Di. " Yang Di replied to netizens interactively, saying, 'did you record my voice?' Some netizens also said: 'open up, open up how big things are.' Yang Di praised the netizens and said, 'you are so open-minded!' More netizens questioned and said: 'why can't you put your feet out to a sharp point?' Yang Di also said honestly: 'er & hellip& hellip; This is squatting. " Very funny, amuse all netizens.