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What are the differences between vivo S5 and s1pro? Which is worth buying

What are the differences between vivo S5 and s1pro? Which is worth buying

Recently, vivo officially released the new product of the new aircraft S5. As a heavyweight product of the year, vivo S5 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 712. The fuselage adopts the fashionable design of blue-green pink gradient color system, and the rear Diamond 4 photography is full of creativity. So how is it different from vivo S1? In fact, vivo S5 and S1 are different in screen size, fingerprint design, processor, camera, battery capacity, etc.

Introduction to vivo S5 configuration:

Vivo S5 adopts 6.44-inch 20:9 super AMOLED perforated screen with 2400 * 1080 resolution. It has the smallest front camera opening in the industry, and its aperture is only 2.98mm. In addition, the screen supports hdr10 display, which can broaden the dynamic range of the screen, reduce harmful blue light and power consumption, and has a low brightness anti screen flash function, which can effectively alleviate the visual fatigue caused by long-term use. Vivo S5 has three colors: Icelandic love song, phantom blue and star eye black. Its color matching is inspired by nature.

Meanwhile, vivo S5 adopts vivo's industry-leading screen fingerprint technology. The fingerprint sensing area on the screen is twice that of the previous generation vivo S1 pro, the detection area is increased by 27%, the dynamic range is increased by 30%, and the fingerprint recognition speed is 0.38 seconds.

Vivo S5 uses a front 32 megapixel HD camera and focuses on creating a 5-fold super textured beauty scheme. " 5-fold super texture beauty 'is a new generation of beauty scheme independently developed by vivo. It includes five beauty functions: radiant skin color, texture skin, vitality beauty, smart beauty and fine shaping facial features. It can be optimized specifically for the five areas of the face.

Vivo S5 also brings a brand-new camera pose function to young people. At present, it provides 144 kinds of pose options, including 35 self shooting poses. Using the pose guidance of the rear scene, three people can be in the same frame at most. Vivo S5 also customized four star poses and exclusive filters for Kun powder, a professional pet powder.

In addition, vivo S5 rear four camera combination, 48 million ultra clear main camera, 8 million pixel ultra wide angle, 5 million pixel depth of field virtualization and 2 million pixel macro lens combination provide professional multi scene shooting experience. The 48 million ultra clear main camera of vivo S5 makes the photos fearless to enlarge. Equipped with an 8 million pixel ultra wide-angle lens, it has a 120 degree super large field of view and a depth of field lens, which can detect the depth information of objects and achieve professional background virtualization effect. The 2 megapixel macro lens allows users to capture micro details from zero distance.

In terms of hardware, vivo S5 is equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 712 eight core processor with a 10nm process, with a standard 8GB + 128GB storage combination. Support flash charge of 22.5w. The independently developed vivo multi turbo provides users with an immersive game experience. Not only that, the new artificial intelligence Jovi has intimate services, such as voice alarm clock, car call, active reminder of weather changes, etc. The 8GB + 128GB version of vivo S5 mobile phone costs 2698 yuan, and the 8GB + 256gb version costs 2998 yuan. It was officially launched on November 22.

Introduction to vivo S1 Pro configuration:

Vivo S1 Pro is equipped with a 6.39 inch zero boundary full screen, with a delicate ratio of 19.5:9. The left and right frames are only 1.75mm and the upper frame is 2.22mm, accounting for 91.64% of the high screen. The screen extends to the smooth edge of the fuselage, showing a flowing beauty under the irradiation of light.

In terms of performance, vivo S1 Pro is equipped with powerful configurations such as Qualcomm snapdragon 675aie eight core processor, maximum 6GB + 256gb super large memory combination, 3700mah battery, omni-directional optimized and upgraded multi turbo acceleration engine, etc; In addition, it also supports the fifth generation photoelectric screen fingerprint, f / 1.2 large aperture and DSP acceleration technology to unlock quickly and efficiently, and make it safer and faster.

In terms of photography, vivo S1 Pro has a main camera with 48 million physical pixels, a powerful combination of 8 million pixel ultra wide-angle lens (120 & deg; ultra large field of view 1) and 5 million pixel virtual lens. The main camera has a 1 / 2-inch photosensitive size and a large aperture of F / 1.8, and is equipped with professional configurations such as intelligent fill light. The 'pixel four in one' technology of night scene combines four adjacent pixels into one 1.6μ M large pixels, greatly improving the sensitivity and picture quality, and outputting high-quality night photos.

In terms of self photographing, vivo S1 Pro has a front 32 megapixel camera with F / 2.0 large aperture and 1 / 2.8-inch photosensitive element, which can clearly record the portrait of delicate skin and natural face. When the light conditions are not ideal, you can also turn on the vivo S1 Pro front flash, which can also ensure that the self photographing face is bright and the eyes are bright in a dark environment. There are also a variety of portrait lighting effects, such as side light, three-dimensional light, studio light, etc., which can freely adjust the light contrast between the facial contour and the background to create an advanced light and shadow artistic conception.