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Which of glory V30 and glory v30pro is more worth buying? Performance price analysis of glory V30 an

Which of glory V30 and glory v30pro is more worth buying? Performance price analysis of glory V30 and glory v30pro

On the afternoon of November 26, glory's first 5g flagship glory V30 series was officially released in Beijing, including glory V30 and glory V30 pro. Glory V30 series adopts 6.57 inch double camera eye screen with screen resolution of 2400 & times; 1080 pixels, accounting for 91.46%.

Glory V30 adopts four curved 3D glass and Ag frosting process, and has a body radian close to the palm, which can prevent slip, scratch and fingerprint. Glory V30 Pro provides three colors: Iceland fairyland, magic night Star River and magic starfish blue, while glory V30 mostly provides dawn orange color matching. Glory V30 series also has the integrated design of power on key and side fingerprint. The fingerprint identification key is more hidden. Long press the power key for 1s to wake up yoyo, and support face unlocking and fingerprint identification double unlocking.

Glory V30 is also equipped with front ultra wide-angle dual camera for the first time. It adopts the combination of 32 million pixel HD main camera and 8 million pixel ultra wide-angle camera, supports automatic light filling, has first-class color performance, and can shoot beautiful and pleasing skin color. Front dual photography has brought the best self photographing experience to glory V30 so far. It supports natural beauty algorithm and brings a more natural and beautiful portrait virtualization effect; Support AI HDR +, especially in backlight conditions with back to strong sunlight or light; The front portrait super night scene mode has unprecedented dark light shooting ability through multi-layer background light and shadow reconstruction.

In terms of core hardware, glory V30 Pro is equipped with the most sophisticated Kirin 990 5g chip currently designed, leads the 7Nm + EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography process, challenges the physical limits of silicon, and integrates 10.3 billion transistors in a space only the size of a fingernail (glory V30 standard version is equipped with Kirin 990 chip + Baron 5000 dual-mode 5g baseband). Kirin 990 series is also the Kirin chip with the highest performance so far: it adopts CPU three-level energy efficiency architecture, and the maximum dominant frequency can reach 2.86ghz; Integrate super large-scale 16 core GPU cluster; At the same time, it integrates the self-developed Da Vinci architecture NPU to bring the world's top AI performance.

Glory V30 Pro is equipped with super sensitive three camera AI technology, Sony imx600 ryyb 40 megapixel super sensitive camera, 12 megapixel movie lens and 8 megapixel triple optical zoom lens (glory V30 standard version is 40 megapixel super sensitive lens + 8 megapixel zoom lens + 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens). The super sensitive camera is the first time that the glory series is equipped with ryyb technology. The light input is 40% higher than that of ordinary sensors, and the ISO is up to 409600. The OIS four-axis optical anti shake function is added to further improve the dark light shooting ability. In order to give full play to the ability of ryyb sensor, the algorithm of super sensitive ISP is separately allocated to ensure the accuracy of color matching.

In terms of price, glory V30 has 6GB + 128GB and 8GB + 128GB configurations, which are 3299 yuan and 3699 yuan respectively; Glory v30pro has 8GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256gb configurations, which are 3899 yuan and 4199 yuan respectively.

In general, the overall configuration of glory V30 and V30 Pro is very good, but the processor of glory V30 Pro is stronger than V30. At the same time, V30 Pro also has wireless charging and reverse charging functions, so glory V30 Pro is more worthy to start.