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The queen of England or Prince Charles retires in 2021?

According to the British mirror website on November 27, according to Royal sources, Prince Charles is only one step away from the crown because of his' king like leadership 'in the Prince Andrew scandal.

The 93 year old queen is considering retiring at the age of 95 in 2021, while her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, also retired at the age of 95, the report said.

It is reported that Prince Charles showed courage in dealing with the aftermath after his brother was interviewed by the BBC. Sources said the heir to the throne was already a 'shadow King'.

Earlier, Prince Andrew was interviewed by the British TV program Newsnight about sexual charges against him and his relationship with pedophile Jeffrey & middot; Epstein was forced to resign from the royal family after his friendship.

It is said that Prince Charles played a key role in the stop loss action initiated by the royal family after the interview. A royal source told the sun: 'the scandal surrounding Andrew and Epstein gave Charles the opportunity to intervene to show that he could manage the country well. No one is more important than the Royal system. Even the Queen's favorite son Andrew is no exception. Charles realized this and acted decisively - he might soon become king. It was at this time that Charles became the Regent, the shadow king. "

At that time, after the news night interview program was broadcast, the queen was shelled, and some media questioned why she allowed her son to participate in the interview.

Prince Charles reportedly told the Queen 'Andrew must leave the royal family & hellip& hellip; This is the only way to solve the problem. He was in New Zealand at the time of the scandal, but he apparently maintained telephone contact with Buckingham Palace.

According to the sun, although Andrew agreed to take a temporary leave, he refused to give up his royal duties permanently.

In recent years, the queen has reduced the number of Royal activities, and Charles has assumed more responsibilities.