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Will staying up late affect sexual function? Summary of the five hazards of men often staying up lat

Now the social pressure is too great, especially for many men. They are the economic source of the family. In order to earn more money, they have to stay up late to work. What harm does staying up late do to boys and affect sexual function?

1、 Does staying up late have an impact on boys' sexual function

1. Androgen metabolism disorder

Many important synthetic reactions in the human body must be completed in sleep, and androgen is one of them. On the one hand, staying up late for a long time consumes a lot of androgen to maintain energy. On the other hand, insufficient or irregular sleep affects the synthesis and metabolism of androgen, and the continuous disorder will eventually lead to the reduction of male sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and other problems. An American study shows that if an adult male sleeps less than five hours for seven consecutive days, his androgen level will be significantly reduced and his sexual desire will be greatly reduced.

2. Decreased sexual function

Many men do not know that during their light sleep at night, the penis will have involuntary erection, with an average of about 4 times. Just as the car needs constant maintenance during use, it is based on the erection at night that the penis gets sufficient rest and nutrition, and the hormones in the body are regulated regularly. Once this physiological law is broken because of staying up late, it will directly affect the recovery of penile state. The number of erections at night and in the morning will be reduced, which can lead to erectile dysfunction in the long run. A study by American scholars found that men's low sleep quality will affect their erectile function. If they sleep less than 6 hours a night, it can increase the probability of erectile dysfunction in middle-aged and elderly men.

3. Direct damage to reproductive organs

Staying up late mostly can't avoid sedentary and less movement, but men just 'sit on their genitals'. Over time, they will induce prostatitis. It may also lead to the increase of local temperature of testis and the slowdown of internal blood circulation. Sperm cells are like being roasted in the desert and without water and food, which will undoubtedly affect men's spermatogenic function.

In addition, many men take computers, televisions and mobile phones as their fixed partners when staying up late. However, testis is often an important target organ of various electromagnetic waves, microwaves and other radiation. Long-term exposure to high radiation can cause changes in the internal structure of testis and reduce the spermatogenic function and endocrine function of testis, thus affecting men's reproductive health and living conditions.

2、 The harm of staying up late to men's health

Disadvantages 1. Affect the appearance

I don't know if you have found that if you don't sleep all night, your eyes will have dark circles, let alone often stay up late. If men often stay up late, they will have dark circles in their eyes for a long time, which will have a great impact on our handsome image.

Disadvantages 2. Acne is easy to grow

Generally speaking, it's just men or women. As long as they often stay up late, their metabolic function will be affected, so it's easier to grow acne and wrinkles. Therefore, it's suggested that male friends should pay attention to staying up late as little as possible.

Disadvantages 3. Easy to gain weight

Men who often stay up late are more likely to get fat, because everyone generally needs at least 8 hours of normal sleep. If we stay up late, the sleep time may be less than 6 hours. This situation will make our body secrete more 'hunger hormones', which will make us easy to get fat, So for our health and good figure, we should pay more attention not to stay up late.

Harm 4. Harm the brain

Whether we often stay up late to work overtime or stay up late to play games, our brain will not get rest. In the long run, it will endanger our brain health, and there will be symptoms such as memory loss, headache and insomnia. Therefore, it is suggested that we should not stay up late to work overtime as much as possible, and learn to reasonably arrange our work and rest time.

Disadvantages 5. Reduce immunity

Men often stay up late. Another disadvantage is that it is easy to lead to the decline of immunity. As we all know, if immunity is low, they are easy to get sick. Therefore, I hope you can understand that you must go to sleep before 10 o'clock at night, so that the human body can better produce new cells, immunity will not be affected, and illness can be reduced.

Disadvantages 6. Affect work efficiency

Men often stay up late will also affect work efficiency, because as long as we stay up late, we just can't have a good rest. We may be able to overcome it twice at a time, but if we often stay up late, it will lead to poor mental state. In this way, we can't concentrate on working hard during the day and are easy to be scolded by the boss.

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