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What can I do if the ex wants to meet you as for love, everyone who has experienced it is a master of emotion, who will tell a lot of self-conscious emotional philosophy. Breaking up is also a frequent topic on Weibo. Many couples have experienced too much separation and combination. Is it necessary for two people to get back together after breaking up? Would you agree if the former asked you to get back together?

There is a statistic on the Internet that the probability of two people breaking up is 82%, but only 3% can go to the end after breaking up. 97% of reasons for breaking up again are the same as the first time.

In fact, many people dream of being that 3%. In fact, many of them are that 97%. Most people want to get back together because of the lack of security after a breakup, and they can't figure out what is' reluctant 'and what is' unwilling'.

The former asked you to compound this topic. The netizens replied as follows:

You are still so scum, but I am no longer blind!

I'm sorry. I'm Mrs. Sicong

I'm your last luggage when you're poor. I'm also out of reach when you're rich

Just one word. I only say it once. (smiling face)

I hope one day, you can find a good girl who doesn't want your money, your car, your house, your diamonds or you!

The other party has turned on friend verification.

Whoever does not regret the disintegration of the Soviet Union has no conscience; whoever wants to restore the former Soviet Union has no mind.

I'm willing to trade the life of my predecessor for the prosperity of my life.

Now that you are dead, don't pretend to be dead.

--Me: how are you doing now?

--Ex: not good... (tearful face)

--Me: Oh, then I'm relieved.

You think I'm stupid, right foot just pulled out of shit, left foot in again?

Please return the money to me first.

I'm going to test my driver's license. Be careful when you cross the road.

It can only be said that it's just a little bit worse if there's no chance

Give him a slap and let him go!

Separated is separated. What's the use of being together again? Sooner or later, it's still divided

The first reaction suspected that he wanted to make an appointment!

I promised & hellip; & hellip; I have to say that he is very happy now. He is very good to me

It depends on how long we've been apart. After all, it's better to demolish a temple than a marriage

He's like a wild dog. He'll never have enough waves

I will tell him, and your sister, I just want to burn paper for you!

No, since it's hurt, why do you have to do it again.

Good horses don't eat grass back. Since it's because they are separated, it's easy to repeat the same mistakes

20 + single dogs will see your story and drink

So how about you?

If your ex asked you to get back together,

Would you agree?