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What are the traditional dishes of Thanksgiving? What do you have for Thanksgiving

What are the traditional foods of Thanksgiving? There are many traditional foods for Thanksgiving. In addition to the well-known Turkey, there are many traditional foods. Let's learn about the traditional foods of Thanksgiving with Xiaobian

1. Turkey

How did Turkey become the main 'mascot' of Thanksgiving today? There is a saying that Queen Elizabeth of England was eating roast goose at a harvest festival in the 16th century. Then came the news that Spain's invincible fleet sank on the way to attack her beloved Britain. The queen was so happy that she asked for another goose to celebrate the success. Therefore, geese have become the favorite birds of the British harvest season. When the pilgrims came to the United States from Britain, roast turkey became the main dish instead of roast goose, because Turkey in North America was more abundant and easier to find than goose.

Turkey has attracted people's attention because of its large size, rapid growth, strong disease resistance and high lean meat rate. It can be comparable with broilers. It is known as' meat making machine '. Turkey meat is not only tender and light, but also has the advantages of 'one high and two low' in nutritional value. First, the protein content is high, more than 30%; Second, turkey meat is considered as an ideal health food for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases abroad. At the same time, turkey meat is also a good food for supplementing qi and spleen. At present, many countries in the world use Turkey instead of beef, pork, mutton and duck.

2. Cranberry moss jam

Sweet and sour cranberry sauce was the food on the Thanksgiving table for the first time, and it is also on the table today. Cranberry is a small, sour wild berry that grows in swampy areas of Massachusetts and New England. Indians use its fruit to treat all kinds of inflammation, and use fruit juice to dye red carpets and blankets. They taught the Pilgrims how to use sugar and water to cook cranberries and make cranberry sauce.

Indians call cranberries' ibimi ', which means' bitter berries'. Immigrants call these 'crane berries' because the flowers of cranberries drag down the grass stems, much like white cranes with slender necks. Cranberries still grow in New England today.

3. Sweet potato

Turkey is a well-known delicacy, and there are some less famous and delicious foods. Sweet potato is one of them. Wild taro originated in the tropical region of America. It was successfully planted by Indians. It has strong disease and insect resistance and easy cultivation. When Columbus first met the queen of Spain, he presented the sweet potato brought back from the new world to the queen, and the Spanish sailors spread the sweet potato to the Philippines.

Sweet potato is one of the main foods for Thanksgiving. Sweet potato contains dietary fiber, carotene, vitamins A, B, C, e, potassium, iron, copper, selenium and calcium. It has high nutritional value and is the champion of the 'top ten best vegetables' selected by the World Health Organization.

4. Corn bread

Corn bread, which is a food loved by both British and Indians. According to the origin of Thanksgiving, at first, British pilgrims immigrated to the United States without food, and the local Indians gave them their own food. In order to express their gratitude, Thanksgiving came from then on. Therefore, this corn bread continued and became a necessary food for Thanksgiving.

It is said that corn bread is a food that almost all American mothers can make. The biggest advantage of simple bread is that its production is very convenient and fast. It does not need to be as time-consuming and laborious as making yeast bread, and it does not need to consider the gluten of flour. Almost all kinds of flour can be used. The baked corn bread is soft and sweet, with the unique aroma of corn grains. Those who like coarse grains might as well try it.

5. Mashed potatoes

The traditional Thanksgiving food also has sweet mashed potatoes. Potato is rich in protein, even better than soybean, which is closest to animal protein. Potatoes are also rich in lysine and tryptophan, which is incomparable to ordinary grains. Potatoes are also rich in potassium, zinc and iron. The potassium contained can prevent cerebral vascular rupture. It contains 10 times more protein and vitamin C than apples, and vitamin b1.b2. The contents of iron and phosphorus are much higher than apples.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into large pieces, cook them in salt water until soft, take them out, drain them and mash them. Add warm milk, most butter and egg yolk and season. Gently stir the egg white until it forms and mix it into the potato mixture; Spoon the mixture into a 5-pint heat-resistant shallow plate, dot the remaining butter on the top, and sprinkle with black pepper. Place the platter on the lower shelf of the oven, 200? Bake at C for about 45 minutes. Finally, sprinkle with decorative side dishes.

6. Pumpkin pie

In Western Halloween and Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie is a popular dessert on the holiday table. Turkey and pumpkin pie have become essential meals for Thanksgiving to thank the Indians who helped and supported them in times of crisis, as well as God's gift to them. So pumpkin pie is indispensable for Thanksgiving food.

Pumpkin is rich in trace elements cobalt and pectin. The content of cobalt is higher than any other vegetable. It is a necessary trace element for islet cells to synthesize insulin. Eating pumpkin often helps prevent and cure diabetes. Pectin can delay the intestinal absorption of sugar and lipid. It is also reported that 'pumpkin fever' is prevalent in Japan. It is not only suitable for middle-aged and young people who don't want to be obese, but also known as the 'best beauty food' by the majority of women. The reason is that pumpkin has more vitamin A than green vegetables.