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Mohe ice pearl wonders super amazing ice pearl wonders will continue until next April, you heart?

Recently, the temperature of Mohe in Heilongjiang, the northernmost in China, has reached - 30 ℃, and the place with the thickest ice layer has exceeded 60 cm. Guanyin Mountain Lotus Lake has formed a series of magical 'ice bubble' landscapes.

The whole Lianhua Lake covers an area of about 150000-200000 square meters. This year, Lianhua Lake is building an ice project. The snow on the lake is cleared and pushed away, and the ice bubble landscape under the ice is exposed. At present, there are more than 3000 square meters of snow lake, with ice bubble landscape.

At present, ice bubbles are observed at several points. It can be inferred that ice bubbles exist in the whole Lianhua Lake. The freezing period of Mohe river is more than half a year. Generally, it will last until the middle of April next year, during which ice bubbles can be seen. " Wang tieshuang, director of the management department of Guanyin Mountain scenic spot in Mohe City, introduced that because there are many water plants at the bottom of the lake, methane gas is produced by decay in winter, 'gas floats up from the bottom, ice freezes from top to bottom, and bubbles and freezing have a three-dimensional sense as soon as they alternate, thus forming a series of frozen bubble landscapes.'

The deepest part of Lianhua Lake is more than 4 meters. At present, the temperature in Mohe area continues to drop, reaching - 40 ℃ in December, and the freezing will continue to deepen, with a maximum thickness of about 80 cm to 1 meter. According to Wang tieshuang, at present, there are three famous ice bubble lakes all over the world. Mohe Lianhua Lake is the northernmost Lake in China where a large area of ice bubble is found for the first time.

According to the current situation, the ice bubbles formed in Lianhua Lake have different shapes. The large ice bubbles can reach 40-50 cm, and the small ones are like the size of millet grains. Some ice bubbles are like Guanyin, and some ice bubbles are like coral. The unique ice bubble landscape has attracted many tourists. Wang tieshuang told reporters that since the news of the discovery of ice bubbles spread, the number of tourists has increased a lot. Some tourists specially changed their itinerary, especially many tourists from the south.