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Metro brother holds male passenger, Metro brother faints male passenger in emergency rescue

The male passenger got off the plane and transferred to the subway. He was too tired and fainted. The little brother of the subway who came to rescue took the 140 kg male passenger out of the carriage, and finally the passenger turned the corner.

At about 11 a.m. on November 23, Julong Avenue subway station of Wuhan Metro Line 2 received a notice that a male passenger fainted on the incoming train. Xia Chong, a staff member on the platform, rushed to the designated carriage immediately.

'when I got into the car, a male passenger was lying on the ground, sweating, weak limbs, delirious, with convulsions, asking him questions, unconscious'. On the 25th, Xia Chong recalled to the reporter of Seeing that the train was about to close, Xia Chong took a deep breath and took the male passenger out of the train. The next passenger helped take the male passenger's carry on luggage out of the train.

'I'm tall and strong.' When a reporter from asked Xia Chong how he suddenly picked up a male passenger of nearly 140 kg, Xia Chong smiled and said, 'at that time, he was eager to save people. He didn't feel heavy when holding up. He felt very tired when putting the passenger in a wheelchair.'

Subsequently, other staff arrived in wheelchairs to assist Xia Chong to send the passengers to the station management area.

After the fainted male passenger slowly regained consciousness, he said he took a plane from Lanzhou to Wuhan. After getting off the plane, he took the subway directly to Wuchang railway station and took the train back to Chibi's hometown. Because he was on his way continuously and didn't eat breakfast, he couldn't bear to faint.

Seeing this, the staff bought noodles and drinks, inquired that the passenger's train departure time was 3 p.m., comforted him that there was time, and left after he recovered.

Half an hour later, the passenger got better and left the station. He deliberately took out cash as a reward and was politely declined.