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How can tin foil be used? 5 cooking methods and application methods of household tin foil

Tin foil is something that many families have bought. In fact, tin foil can not only keep warm, but also have many uses. Here are five common uses of household tin foil:

1. When using the oven at home, the chicken wings will bake oil juice when baking. At this time, we will bake the chicken wings with tin foil, so that they will not flow into the oven, which is not only convenient, but also easier to clean the dishes.

2. When baking, you can put the food on the matte surface of tin foil, which can not only keep the food evenly heated, but also prevent the food from being scorched.

3. Because tin foil has good heat absorption function, if you wrap the food that is not easy to cook with tin foil for baking, you can bake the food well and shorten a lot of cooking time.

4. Sometimes when the people after cooking are not ready, you can wrap the plate with tin foil, which can have a good thermal insulation effect.

5. When we perm, we can also wrap our hair with tinfoil, which can speed up the perm speed, and the use of tinfoil will not damage our hair.

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