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Lin Shuhao's 29 points hit a new high in a single game. Who is the first defender?

In the 8th round of CBA, Liaoning won 109-91 at home to Beijing. Lin Shuhao played for 33 minutes, made 10 of 22 shots, scored 29 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals. His score hit a new high in a single game. He had no choice but to enter the empty chop group. Finally, he had more than half of the time left, so he had no choice but to punch out early.

The word "spell" has been the endorsement of Jeremy Lin since he entered the CBA. Tonight, he is doing his best. It can be said that he adjusted in time from the last downturn. In fact, without Lin Shuhao's hard support in the first three quarters tonight, the Beijing team would have fallen behind by a big score tonight.

In the first quarter, Lin Shuhao ate Zhao Jiwei's jump shot three times. This makes Liaoning team quickly adjust the defensive position and use Guo Allen to defend Lin Shuhao. In the face of his good friend Guo Allen, Lin Shuhao missed a strong attack, and the defensive end let Guo Allen force a 3-point hit in front of him. Soon, Lin Shuhao was replaced to rest.

In the second quarter, after Lin Shuhao played again, the Beijing team has fallen behind by more than 10 points. Lin Shuhao, who was heavily guarded, didn't feel well. In this case, he desperately relied on breaking through to make a foul to score. With 2 minutes and 58 seconds left in the second quarter, Lin Shuhao received Liu Xiaoyu's assist and shot 3 points. Finally, he hit, and his personal feel began to pick up. Then he hit two free throws to avoid Liaoning team's further difference.

At the end of the first half, Lin Shuhao scored 13 points despite his average hand feeling, and he was the only player who scored double in the Beijing team. With his teammates losing fire, Lin Shuhao can only fall into singles mode. Three minutes before the end of the third quarter, Lin Shuhao became Lin crazy. Jump shot, free throw, 3 points, pressure whistle and quick lay up. I contracted all the attack scores of Beijing team, and scored 9 points in a row, helping Beijing team catch up with the difference to 7 points after three quarters of war!

Tonight, the teammates of Beijing team seem a little out of shape. The data of rebounds, assists and three-point shots are almost behind Liaoning team. Perhaps because of the fatigue of running around, the team members don't look excited on the court. After the third quarter, Lin Shuhao has scored 27 points, while Zhai Xiaochuan, the other teammates, scored double points. Fang Shuo made only 1 of 7 shots, Wang Xiaohui made 2 of 7 shots and Zhu Yanxi made 2 of 8 shots. Several external artillery misfires seriously affected the attack of Beijing team.

However, at the end of the festival, Lin Shuhao's physical strength was overdrawn. Sweating, he first suffered a foul, and then was robbed by Guo Allen. Two fists are difficult to defeat four hands. When the whole team of Liaoning team is powerful, Lin Shuhao is difficult to support, and the score is opened again.

With 7 minutes and 49 seconds left, Lin Shuhao was replaced. Since then, he did not appear again. Finally, Beijing lost away by 18 points.