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The Spurs lost seven in a row and fell to the penultimate in the West

The NBA regular season continues. The Spurs challenge the Wizards away. At present, the wizards are the penultimate in the East, while the Spurs have suffered six consecutive defeats. It can be said that today's game is destined for a team to eat dumplings, but in the end, the dumplings belong to the Wizards. They beat the Spurs 138-132 at home, successfully got rid of the penultimate in the East, and gave the Spurs seven consecutive defeats. After losing this game, the 5-10 Spurs have tied with the Blazers and fell to the penultimate in the West. What's worse, the 7-game losing streak is also the longest losing streak of the Spurs in 23 years. The last time they suffered 7-game losing streak was in the 96-97 season. At that time, they had not selected Duncan.

Drozan scored 31 points out of 9 out of 13, and the Spurs scored double points. They still failed to win. Perhaps since this year's World Cup, the myth of Popovich has ended.

At the beginning of the game, bolt sent out the big hat, but the Spurs' attack was also robbed. Thomas hit three points, drozan succeeded in continuous singles, the two sides were tied 10-10, Bill slammed, Bertens broke through the layup, guy and brown scored one three points respectively, Forbes grabbed the fast break, the Spurs led 25-17 by 8 points, and McRae hit the middle shot, Aldrich also succeeded in two shots. The Wizards hit three-point shots on the outside line, and Wagner and Smith succeeded continuously. With Murray's throwing and hitting, the Spurs took a 38-35 lead to end the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Bertens took the lead to help the Wizards surpass the score. Belinelli hit the middle shot, and Smith returned a three-point ball, but mills immediately returned the color. The shooting rates of both sides were very high. Drozan hit the jump shot, and the Spurs continued to take a weak lead 50-45. Wagner made a three-point hit and bolt made a successful layup. After Bill broke through the layup twice, the Spurs hit three-point shots in a row and widened the score difference to double digits. Bryant's three-point hit stopped the bleeding for the Wizards. Yagura made two layups and the Wizards ended the first half 63-59.

In the second half of the game, drozan and mills joined hands to expand the score. The Spurs led 82-72 to 10 points, Bill scored 7 points in a row and led the team to catch up with the score. Drozan played 2 + 1, hachuri returned a layup, hachuri hit a layup, and Thomas also had three points. The Wizards took advantage of the opportunity of continuous mistakes of the Spurs to surpass the score in one fell swoop and end the third quarter, Wizards 101-98 exceeded by three points.

In the last quarter of the game, Bill took the lead in scoring a layup. Murray and guy scored a goal respectively. The Spurs were still one point behind. Bertens hit a three-point shot. Then he grabbed the ball and continued to hit three-point shots. The wizards were 113-106 ahead to 7 points. Murray made a jump shot, but McRae immediately responded. After Smith hit two three-point shots in a row, the wizards were 10 points ahead, Then the Spurs made a final struggle, and the Wizards made a mistake. The Spurs took the opportunity to narrow the difference to 1 point, but there was little time left. The Wizards finally defended to win with steady free throws.

The Spurs suffered seven consecutive defeats, and the old general Bertens became a strange soldier to beat the Spurs. A wave of seven consecutive defeats also made the Spurs fall to the penultimate in the West. The last time they were so miserable, Duncan had not joined the NBA.