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Oxford Dictionary's annual vocabulary "climate emergency" has increased a hundredfold this year

Recently, the Oxford Dictionary website announced the word of 2019 - climate emergency. The frequency of use of this word has increased a hundred times this year.

'climate emergency' is defined as a situation that requires urgent action to mitigate or contain climate change in order to avoid irreversible environmental damage. This year, public awareness of climate science has further increased. UN Secretary General Guterres once said: "at present, climate change is a decisive issue for the earth and our era."

Oxford Dictionary website publishes 2019 vocabulary. Website screenshot

According to the data analysis of Oxford Dictionary, the frequency of use of 'climate emergency' increased by 10796% this year, especially reaching its peak in September, which is 100 times that of the same period in previous years. From a data perspective, this reflects a new trend in the use of the word 'emergency'. At the same time, a series of words related to 'climate' have also been included in the short list of annual words, such as' climate crisis' and 'climate action'.

The guardian pointed out that news reports are increasingly inclined to use the words' climate emergency ',' climate crisis' and 'climate collapse' to replace the word 'climate change' to show the broader impact of climate change, which also urges more multimedia to re-examine the way of reporting on climate issues.

The Oxford Dictionary publishes its annual vocabulary every year. 2018 is' toxic ', 2017 is' youthquake', and 2016 is' post truth '.