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Jiang Yiyan apologized for the villa incident and said she would cooperate with the investigation

The front foot was' counterfeited 'by netizens, and the back foot was reported for illegal reconstruction and expansion. The villa designed by mainland actress Jiang Yiyan claimed to participate in the design has attracted a lot of controversy in the past two months. At noon today (21st), she posted a long article on social media to formally apologize to the public.

Jiang Yiyan apologized for the occupation of social resources caused by personal misconduct. At the same time, she admitted that her vanity of harvesting flowers and applause in cross-border fields made her forget her job. Now she realizes that this mentality is wrong.

For the illegal reconstruction and expansion of the villa, Jiang Yiyan promised to cooperate with all the work of relevant departments, and will keep the original heart in mind and return to the actors themselves in the future.

The full text of the excerpt from the statement is attached at the end of the text

Jiang Yiyan has not responded to the 'villa incident' since she issued a document refuting the award of the villa and was ridiculed by the group on October 22.

Until today, after being scolded for illegal construction, she sent a long apology and Reflection on her personal microblog. Reported by netizens, the Beijing Planning Bureau verified on the 18th that Jiang Yiyan's villa was a private reconstruction and expansion project and did not obtain the planning approval procedures. This case has been transferred to urban management for investigation and punishment.

Compared with the previous excitement of refuting netizens' indiscriminate questioning and abuse, this apology statement is relatively sincere.

Jiang Yiyan said that first of all, we should apologize to the society because personal misconduct has become the focus of public opinion and occupied social resources. She also said frankly that the 'architectural works' incident personally involved looks like a joke.

Then Jiang Yiyan looked at herself and reflected on herself. Because some cross-border works were recognized, she forgot her job and was keen to enjoy those unreal highlights in the cross-border field. She reviewed that she was "out of balance" and "complacent". She didn't react until she saw the news that there was no planning approval procedure for the house. "Some of the roads she has taken in recent years are curved.".

Finally, she said she would actively cooperate with all investigations and interviews of relevant departments, accept all decisions under the norms, and return to the actors themselves to be a simple person.

For Jiang Yiyan's apology statement, some netizens teased her that her statement was "Jiang Gong made up for her mistakes", but they thought that she did not make clear the original reason of the "villa incident", but was just avoiding the important and taking the light.