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How is there a white spot on the nail? What is missing

Some people have white dots on their nails. What's going on? In fact, don't be afraid. Many people will have this performance. Here are four possible reasons for small white dots on their nails. Let's find out and see which one they belong to:

1、 Nail injury or infection

If the nail is squeezed, it will also cause white spots on the nail. The initial symptoms of this situation may not be very obvious, so it is easy to be ignored. When white spots appear, everyone may forget that the fingernail has been injured. Another situation is that fingernails are infected with some bacteria and fungi, which is still common in daily life. Hands touch a lot of things, and it is inevitable that they will be exposed to bacteria and fungi. If they can wash their hands and disinfect frequently, this should rarely happen. It doesn't matter if you are infected with bacteria. The white nail disease caused by this reason is still very easy to treat. As long as you remove the bacteria, the condition will change and the nail will return to normal slowly.

2、 Nails infected with toxic substances

If you find that the white line on the fingernail is significantly increased, you should pay attention to it. This problem is not a simple infection. It may be infected by toxic substances, that is, the fingernail is poisoned. You should go to the hospital for inspection and treatment in time. This phenomenon may be related to the ordinary working environment or living environment. Usually may be exposed to more harmful substances, such as heavy metals and harmful gases. Therefore, if there are many white lines on your fingernails, you should hurry to the hospital. Don't delay and don't let harmful substances hurt your body.

3、 Lack of protein or zinc in the body

Human body needs a lot of nutrients to nourish. If you want to be healthy, you can't lack nutrients. The position of protein and zinc in the human body is even more important, because protein can enhance the body's function and immunity, while zinc helps the body resist oxidation, ensures that our skin is perfect without defects, and well protects the skin from damage. It plays a relatively large role in the human body, so we must not lack nutrients in the human body, which will have an impact on the body, and fingernails will show white spots, which also tells us to supplement nutrients in time.

4、 Caused by some diseases

If it is found that there are more white spots on the nail, the nail becomes particularly rough, and the color change is also more serious. We should pay special attention. This may be caused by some diseases. Nails can also see whether some organs of the body are healthy or not. For example, anemia, liver and kidney problems will make nails abnormal. If such a situation occurs, we should go to the hospital for examination in time, treat and solve the problem as soon as possible, and don't make the condition serious.