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Who is better to pay for the meal? What are the notes for dating

It has been a controversial topic about who pays for dinner during blind date. For those homestay men and women who sit in the office all day long, blind date has become a trend, so eating during blind date is essential, so who pays for blind date will be better? Let's see what others say?

When a man and a woman pay for a blind date, they usually meet at a coffee shop or a restaurant. When they meet for the first time, who pays for the bill? Is it men's or men's AA system to pay for the bill? There are different voices:

1. Some people think that the man should pay the bill, because the man should be more generous, have a gentlemanly demeanor, show enough sincerity, and be willing to spend money to chase girls!

2. Men and women are equal. You have to pay when you eat. Women don't have hands and feet. Why do they have to treat men? In fact, in foreign countries, dating and eating are generally based on the AA system, so dating and eating the AA system is also a very normal way. There's no need to discount the impression of each other because they ask for AA when they meet for dinner.

Dating, eating, actual combat experience, spending tens of thousands of yuan a year

Mr. Wang, who is in his early 30s, had more than 20 blind dates last year. In the face of dating, dinner is the first level. He said that in order to make a good impression on each other, he was very generous in every blind date and invited girls to have dinner and tea, etc. Of course, the place for eating and drinking tea can't choose too miscellaneous and noisy shops. In addition, when ordering, we should also try to 'take care of' girls, generally to be better. 'sometimes it's not for the sake of putting on a show, but it's true that the price of the current dating place is very high, so you can't take other girls to a small restaurant to have a bowl of noodles, can you?' Mr. Wang said with emotion. Mr. Wang calculated that if the two dozen blind dates were over, the sum would be three or four hundred yuan each time, and one or two hundred yuan less. The total amount would be ten thousand yuan.

Who pays for men's and women's meals? Three differences

1. First of all, it is caused by cultural differences. Nowadays, many people study abroad or often go abroad, which is seriously affected by western culture. When they meet for the first time without any emotional basis, eating AA is a very common thing. If we know that he has such a cultural background and talks well, then we can understand this behavior. Don't have any psychological pressure. It's a good choice to try to get to know more about boys.

2. Secondly, it is caused by personal character. For example, he will pay more attention to the economy. Some people will think this kind of crowd is mean, but it can't be generalized. Maybe people think that money should be spent on cutting edge, and there is nothing wrong with thrift.

3. Finally, from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture, the first time you meet a man, you should have a gentlemanly demeanor, and the first thing to do is to grab a meal order. However, if AA appears, it may be that this man doesn't think it's appropriate for you. After all, it's good to talk, but I'm afraid that it's not appropriate to hurt you directly. Say bye in this euphemistic way. Then don't go on.