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What fruit should women eat more in winter? What fruit do women eat in winter

What fruit do girls eat in winter? The weather in winter is very dry, especially if you stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, it is easy to make your body lack of water. Therefore, in winter, we can eat more fruits in addition to drinking more water. What fruits do women eat in winter? Let's have a look

1. Oranges. If we want to eat fruit in winter, this kind of fruit can be said to be the first choice. Now there are many kinds of oranges on the market, and they taste good sour and sweet. Moreover, oranges are rich in nutritional value and can improve our body's resistance. If we have a cold or cough, we should eat more appropriately.

2. Apple, it can be said that it is a very economical fruit. Eating more apples in winter is very good for our health. Maybe some women are often worried about how fat they eat. Eating apples is a very good weight loss fruit, and eating apples can also beautify and protect skin, which is conducive to improving our respiratory tract.

3. Pears. In winter, many people are easy to catch a cold, but a cold will not be accompanied by a cough. At this time, we should eat more pears, because the pears have more water and have the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough. Especially, after peeling the pears directly, they should be steamed with rock sugar to reduce phlegm and relieve cough.

4. Kiwifruit. Kiwifruit is extremely rich in vitamins. It can also promote the absorption of dietary fiber and help us digest our intestines and stomach. Especially in winter, eating more kiwifruit can generate fluid and moisten dryness, which has a good effect of improving mood and stabilizing mood.

5. Grapefruit. Grapefruit tastes sour, sweet and delicious, and the juice is quite rich. In addition, it also contains some fruit acid and vitamins needed by the human body. Therefore, eating more grapefruit can not only promote the peristalsis of our intestines and stomach, but also generate saliva and quench thirst, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium and iron.

6. Hawthorn is a very common and cheap fruit. Eating more Hawthorn in winter can not only improve the body's immunity, but also appetizer and digestion for female friends, which is conducive to enhancing our body's digestive function. In particular, some middle-aged and elderly friends eat more hawthorn, which is said to be able to achieve the purpose of longevity.

7. Persimmons. Persimmons contain high sugar. Often eating a little persimmon can not only nourish the lung and stomach, but also eliminate dry fire. Especially in winter, if there are some symptoms of cough, you can eat a little more persimmons appropriately. However, remind everyone not to eat persimmons on an empty stomach. It is easy to form stones. It is best to eat a little after dinner.

8. Olives are rich in calcium. It is very meaningful for our human body to eat them directly when they are fresh. Olives can clear away heat and detoxify, and can also reduce phlegm and cough. Eating more of this fruit in autumn and winter can moisten the lungs.