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Rainstorm caused by artificial rainfall. Water accumulated in Dubai due to poor control of artificia

In order to alleviate the heat and dryness of Dubai, the National Meteorological Center of the United Arab Emirates continued artificial rainfall recently, but unexpectedly triggered rainstorm, resulting in large-area ponding, traffic congestion and road paralysis in Dubai. The artificial rainfall didn't control the degree well, and the whole thing happened.

In the Dubai Shopping Center, rain poured down from the ceiling, clerks struggled to save inventory, and customers walked on the sparkling floor. According to statistics, since the beginning of 2019, UAE has conducted about 181 artificial rainfall.

Artificial rainfall, also known as artificial precipitation enhancement, refers to artificially supplementing some necessary conditions for the formation of precipitation according to the principle of precipitation formation in nature, so as to promote the rapid condensation or collision of cloud droplets into raindrops and fall to the ground. The method is to select an appropriate time according to the physical characteristics of different clouds, and use aircraft and rockets to sow dry ice, silver iodide, salt powder and other catalysts into the clouds to make the clouds precipitation or increase the precipitation, so as to relieve or alleviate the farmland drought, increase the irrigation water or water supply capacity of the reservoir, or increase the power generation water.