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Jingdong released an exclusive font. What does Jingdong font look like

Jingdong released an exclusive font. What does Jingdong font look like

Recently, Jingdong released a new customized Jingdong brand exclusive font - Jingdong Lang Zhengti. This set of Jingdong Lang Zhengti is led and designed by the founder font team, and the font has nearly 10000 characters.

JD Lang Zhengti will be widely used in JD's brand culture display, advertising, offline stores and other complete visual systems to provide a unified and highly recognizable logo for JD's corporate culture.

JD introduced that in the design process, we should not only pursue the beauty of design, but also take into account the actual use requirements of multiple scenes of JD group, but also bear the important task of spreading JD culture. In the balance of various needs, the designer and JD design team have gone through a running in process for several months.

The word 'Jingdong' alone has been modified and deliberated countless times. The font designer has reconstructed the font from the perspective of visual perception and font temperament, and set the thickness ratio of horizontal and vertical strokes of the font as 2:3. The change of horizontal and vertical ratio makes the gray scale of the whole word more stable and uniform, showing a stable, atmospheric and powerful visual effect. Compared with the original logo, JD Lang Zhengti has a simple and atmospheric sense of modern science and technology and tension.