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Sweater yellowing cleaning tips sweater yellowing how to do

How should I deal with the yellow sweater? Sweaters after a long time of placement, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of yellowing, and it is difficult to clean. So do you know how to wash sweaters when they are yellow? Let's have a look

Sweater yellowing cleaning method

1. Remove yellow onion water

Prepare some onion skins, add two glasses of water and cook together. Boil until the water boils, take out the onion skin, throw the yellow clothes in, cook for about 10 minutes, add some salt and soak. Then take out the clothes and wash them with clean water.

2. Remove yellow rice washing water

Keep the rice washing water or put the orange peel into the pot, add water and boil it, soak the yellowing clothes in it, and scrub them, which can easily make the clothes white. It is not only simple, but also unlike the fluorescent whitening agent sold on the market, it will have side effects on the skin and will not hurt the clothing material. It is a good method worth trying.

3. Lemon juice to yellow

Lemon has bleaching effect. Rinsing clothes with water added with lemon juice also has bleaching effect. When washing the sweater, add a few drops of lemon juice, stir evenly, soak for a period of time and rinse it, which can make the sweater more white.

4. Disinfectant yellowing

Soak in disinfectant or bleach mixed with water. This method should pay attention to the proportion of disinfectant and clean water and soaking time. The decontamination power of disinfectant is strong, but it is harmful to clothes. It is suggested that after rinsing, it is best to soak in clean water for 15 ~ 30 minutes to reduce the damage of disinfectant to clothes.

5. Refrigerate and remove yellowing

After washing and drying the yellowed sweater, wrap it with plastic film or put it into a plastic bag and put it into the freezer. An hour later, the sweater was taken out and hung in the shade to dry, and the whiteness of the sweater recovered a lot. After washing the white sweater, after quick freezing, the compounds and oils attached to the sweater will be separated due to the freezing effect. After drying, the yellow white sweater will restore a certain whiteness.