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Pig prices in 16 provinces and cities have fallen continuously. Now how much is the price of pork ch

In November, pig and pork prices across the country showed signs of falling. The reporter visited the largest agricultural products wholesale market in Futian District, Shenzhen and found that the retail price of pork in Shenzhen has decreased significantly in recent days. Many citizens said that the price of pork is obviously lower than some time ago, and the most pork is five or six yuan cheaper per kilogram.

According to the monitoring data released by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the general index of pork prices in 16 provinces and cities has fallen month on month for two consecutive weeks. From November 8 to 14, the wholesale price of pork was 49.84 yuan / kg. Industry insiders believe that the gradual recovery of pig production capacity and the increase of frozen meat on the market are the main reasons for the decline in pork prices.

Since August this year, 25 provinces across the country have issued policies and measures to support the resumption of pig production and guarantee supply. At present, the central government has transferred 700 million yuan of incentive funds for new pigs from large counties and 300 million yuan of subsidy funds for the construction of large-scale pig farms in 2019. In the interview, the reporter found that the pig production capacity of large-scale farms stopped falling and rebounded, which directly led small and medium-sized farms and pig farmers to restore production capacity and expand scale. Industry insiders said that in early, middle and late November, the overall pork price will show a trend of "one decline, one stability and difficult to rise". From now to the end of December, there will not be much room for rise. (source: CCTV Finance)