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What are the types of baldness? How is it formed? 7 types of baldness and their causes are introduce

Why do more and more people begin to go bald in life? Baldness is divided into several types. What is the reason for baldness? Friends who are worried about the risk of baldness, come and find out!

1、 Male baldness (androgenic alopecia)

This is the most common cause of male baldness. This symptom is usually inherited and affected by male hormone (DHT). More than 50% of men experience hair loss after the age of 50. For most men, the first is that the forehead hair becomes thinner and forms an'm 'shape. Then the topmost hair began to fall off. Finally, the falling parts of the forehead and the top of the head are gradually connected, leaving only a circle of thin hair at the back of the brain.

2、 Female baldness

One third of menopausal women suffer from female baldness. Unlike men, their forehead hairline does not recede, but their hair keeps thinning. And into several parts to form the shape of a 'Christmas tree'. Hair loss can seriously affect women's mood, because women always pay special attention to their appearance.

3、 Alopecia areata

This is a symptom of physical dysfunction that affects both hair and body hair. About 1.7% of people suffer from this disease, and there is no significant age difference. Research shows that the human body itself has the possibility of alopecia areata. When a virus or other external factors invade, it will cause this symptom of hair loss. It is a manifestation of immune system disorder, indicating that the patient's body is being attacked by the autoimmune system. In this case, white blood cells attack hair follicles, resulting in hair loss or slowing down the growth process. The typical manifestation is that the hair suddenly falls off from the root to form a round bald spot, but it will grow back after a few months. Alopecia areata may also evolve into total alopecia (all hair on the top of the head falls off) and general alopecia (all hair on the top of the head and the whole body falls off).

4、 Cicatricial alopecia

Burns, skin infections caused by bacteria or fungi, or x-ray therapy can leave scars on the head, resulting in some hair no longer growing.

5、 Telogen alopecia

The rest period is the last stage of the hair growth cycle - the dormancy stage. At the end of this stage, the old hair generally falls off and a new cycle begins. Due to the influence of the hair rest period, it is normal for people to lose 50-100 hair every day, but some people will lose more hair during the rest period. Severe telogen hair loss can last about 6 months, and some chronic hair loss can last for several years. Sometimes telogen hair loss will improve and recover by itself, and sometimes it needs drug help.

6、 Hair stem defect

This is a very rare situation. Some people are born with sparse and fragile hair due to some diseases that damage the hair stem. This is a typical genetic disease, including Rosary hair, twisted hair and hair low sulfur malnutrition.

7、 Hair pulling mania

Trichotillomania, a word derived from the Greek words trich (hair) and mania (morbid impulse), puzzles about 1% - 3% of people. The patient has a strong impulse to pull off all hair, such as hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and beard. Some people do this to relieve stress, while others pull out their hair completely unconsciously. Scientists say the symptoms are caused by an imbalance between serotonin and dopamine in brain chemicals. If you develop into a hair Eater - eating your own pulled hair, it may also be life-threatening.