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Chen Weiting revealed that his ass cramped and laughed at netizens

Recently, Chen Weiting, who hasn't seen him for a long time, welcomed the interview. However, he didn't seem to be ready for the interview. He was asked whether he was exercising recently. Chen Weiting said: Yes, some parts have been exercising recently, and then he exposed his ass cramps. Chen Weiting said: 'because I finished the first episode of chase me, my ass cramps, I smoked for more than ten minutes. I really didn't lie to you. Then when he ran, he said he had a cramp in his ass. can he smoke a muscle in his ass? Then I ran away, two buttocks, oh, not two buttocks. " Speaking later, Chen Weiting was amused by himself.

I always feel that Chen Weiting said that his ass cramps are just like what the drug seller said when selling drugs, such as' I definitely didn't lie to you 'and' this is the truth '! Of course, Chen Weiting really didn't cheat. It's estimated that he was confused by his current situation.

After Chen Weiting finished his ass cramp, he was shown the picture of little yellow man by netizen P. everyone thought Chen Weiting had this temperament.

In the past, Chen Weiting gave the impression that he was very cold, handsome and domineering. He seemed to play the overbearing president in the novel, but now Chen Weiting presented in front of us has gradually got rid of these labels and become a more lively person with flesh and blood. He is full of the temperament of 'sand sculpture'. It is hard to imagine that this matter will also rush into hot search, Now, people all over the world know that Chen Weiting's ass cramps!