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What's the truth about the dispute over the position of green hairpin

Yang Zi's agent seconds deleted it. Wu Yifan and Yang Zi's new play "green hairpin line" have been publicized for a long time, but the dispute over the position of men and women has not stopped. Wu Yifan's fans think that the man is the one, but Yang Zi's fans think that the original novel is the big woman, and Yang Zi is naturally the same in the TV series. Just when everyone is arguing about the position, Yang Zi's agent sent a document late at night, which filled the whole event with more drama.

Yang Zi's agent released the six words' do your best to listen to destiny 'on the social platform late at night, which also made fans wonder whether Yang Zi was wronged. Then Yang Zi's agent quickly deleted this blog post, but public opinion has been fermenting, and everyone is puzzled by the broker's operation.

It should be said that when the actors' order has been announced, the script was edited again, and the actors' order was not specified later, and the two actors announced to each other. This approach itself is already very 'psychedelic', and Yang Zi's agent's operation is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire. The fans of the two companies have made various interpretations of these six words. No matter how they look, they seem to be able to feel Yang Zi's helplessness.

However, since Yang Zi and Wu Yifan have decided to take over the play, it shows that they have reached a consensus with the film side. Up to now, there is no official Aite actor, and the list and ranking of starring stars are not given. It seems that Yang Zi and Wu Yifan are the most likely without ranking. Although such a situation is relatively rare, some netizens still took out past examples. Previously, Jackie Chan and Jet Li had the same position in the king of Kung Fu. Even the actors in the film were ranked up and down, one before and one after. There is nothing wrong with this, so netizens simply hope that the crew of "green hairpin line" can refer to the previous examples.

What happened to the dispute over the position of green hairpin

Yesterday, the official of "green hairpin line" announced the male and female leaders Wu Yifan and Yang Zi. The two stars also had a tacit understanding and posted microblogs at 18:30 at the same time.

Wu Yifan: Hello, Huang Zixia @ Yang Zi

Yang Zi: Hello, Li Shubai @ Mr_ Mr. Fan

In this regard, it should start to enter the crew to prepare for shooting. However, a few hours later, because the publicity poster of the official microblog of the TV series caused controversy, it can be seen from the poster that there was no statement of actors and roles, and even the microblog information released was only 'welcome two actors born on the same month and the same day to join'. However, fans don't buy it!

In particular, Wu Yifan's fans first captured the official microblog of qingzan bank. Most of the content is: Wu Yifan will act as a male host in the TV series "green hairpin line", playing the male host Li Shubai. Congratulations to fan fan ~

The other is the most forwarded version:

He is a popular post-90s box office champion with a film of 2.4 billion; He is the first and only fashion darling with the top ten full Slams and double top luxury global endorsement; He is the first and only Chinese singer in the double B list at the same time; Now he is a male leader of the green hairpin line of the popular IP costume drama. He is also Wen Yiwu and Zhong Ling Junxiu. We look forward to his wonderful performance in the drama and Wu Yifan and Li Shubai@ Mr_ Mr. Fan

Yang Zi's fans began to be dissatisfied with this. After all, Yang Zi has been the most eye-catching of all female stars recently. And some time ago, maybe Xiao Zhan played "please give more advice for the rest of life". At that time, the two fans didn't have a problem! Many of Yang Zi's fans leave messages below, especially the word "big girl" in the sentence should be a rebuttal to Wu Yifan's fans.

Yang Zi's agent also released a message: do your best to listen to destiny. Subsequently deleted, but also by many sharp eyed netizens immediately screenshots. In this regard, many people think it is dissatisfaction with Fan Wei! However, Shang fanjun thinks it should be the fans who are against each other because of the position dispute. The agent just said a kind of helplessness!

Unexpectedly, the cooperation of two outstanding actors make complaints about fans. Before the official did not make clear the position of the actors, it may be that they are afraid that the fans can't control it. However, the matter has come to this point, especially the official of the TV series "green hairpin line" has not replied, which is really wrong!

Now, we can only wait for the reply of the official microblog. Shang fanjun is here to remind fans that the dispute over the position of fan is actually meaningless. A good film and television work is of great significance to actors and fans!