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Zhang Linpeng's microblog was besieged. Why was Zhang Linpeng besieged

Zhang Linpeng's microblog was besieged. Why was Zhang Linpeng besieged

On the evening of November 14, Beijing time, the Chinese team lost 2-1 to Syria in the top 40 of the world preliminary round. Zhang Linpeng, who played with an injury, inadvertently threw an own dragon and lost a key goal. At the post game press conference, Lippi's resignation became the focus, but Zhang Linpeng Oolong was still hot searched on the microblog and besieged by a large number of netizens.

In the pre match training on the 12th, Zhang Linpeng sprained his knee. 10 hours before the start of the game, the official microblog of AFC released a list of 23 people's Congress of the Chinese team. Zhang Linpeng and Li Lei were not included in the list. But just six hours before the start of the game, the Chinese Football Association announced the final list, Zhang Linpeng was in the list and won the first appearance.

In the 76th minute, the substitute Syrian striker hribin passed the ball, and Zhang Linpeng stretched out his foot and just sent the ball into his net. If Zhang Linpeng doesn't stretch his foot, goalkeeper Yan Junling can easily put the ball in his bag. It can be seen from the slow camera that there are no Syrian players for 3 meters around Zhang Linpeng, and his blind foot extension caused great disaster. After making a big mistake, Zhang Linpeng fell on the ground into self blame and didn't get up for a long time. It directly led to the embarrassing 1-2 loss of the national football team. At the press conference after the game, Lippi announced his resignation and left the national football coach.

After the game, Zhang Linpeng didn't explain the own goal of the game, but Zhang Linpeng's own goal was quickly searched. Many angry fans captured his microblog and left tens of thousands of messages under his latest microblog on September 28, full of criticism, ridicule and scolding.

There is no doubt that Zhang Linpeng's own goal caused the Chinese team to lose such an important game. But many rational fans have pointed out that we can Tucao the national football team losing the game, but there is no need to make complaints about individuals. Many fans believed that the loss was caused by Wang Gang's loss of position, and the goalkeeper did not remind Zhang Linpeng of the division of labor in handling the ball.

Zhang Linpeng has always been an important member of the national team. He is also the core player of Guangzhou Hengda team. Last night's scene can't help but remind people of the Asian Cup at the beginning of the year. Feng Xiaoting also played with injury in the first world war with Iran, but his opponent lost because of his rescue mistake. Since then, he has never been selected into the national football team and has been completely included in the list that will never be used by Lippi. After returning to the club, Feng Xiaoting was punished again. Previously, Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu were punished by the club just because they lost the list. I don't know what the result of waiting for Zhang Linpeng this time is?