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The nightmare of Syria's national football team lost to Syria again in the world preliminaries

On November 15, Beijing time, in the late night of the 14th, the national football team lost 2-1 to Syria and suffered the first defeat of the top 40. After losing two consecutive rounds, Lippi announced his resignation at a press conference after the game. " I don't want to say that in this game, a team should go all out when it comes to the field, and the head coach's deployment should be carried out. If the players are afraid on the field, have no fighting spirit, desire and courage, and can't kick out the things I train, it is my head coach's responsibility. Although we defeated the weak team of Guam Maldives, we met the team in front, Play better, coordinated and organized than us. My annual salary is very high. I take full responsibility for the loss. Now I announce my formal resignation. "

The top 40 of the world preliminary round of the national football team ended the national football team vs Syria. China lost to Syria 1-2. Looking back on the game, in the 18th minute, Omari nodded and scored the first goal; In the 29th minute, Wu Xi assisted Wu Lei to volley and break the goal. The half-time score was 1-1. In the 75th minute, Zhang Linpeng broke through and scored an own goal, and the national football team was defeated 1-2. After the loss, the gap between the national football team and Syria was widened to 5 points, while the national football team with 4 wars, 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss accumulated 7 points with the Philippines, ranking second only by the advantage of goal difference.

Previously, the national football team's historical record against Syria was 12 wars, 7 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses, and the winning rate was also dominant. The last time the two sides played was in the 2018 friendship match, the national football team defeated their opponents 2-0.

Syria sent Lippi away with an unexpected 1-2, which almost took away the hope of being the first in the top 40 group of the national football team. Looking back at the history of the national team in recent years, this West Asian team has almost succeeded in making the national football team suffer from 'phobia' against them. Two managers in a row have been planted on the same team three times, and they have also laid the fate of class because they lost to Syria. The title of national football coach killer can be deserved on Syria.

On October 6, 2017, the national team headed by Gao Hongbo welcomed the Syrian team in Xi'an. At the beginning of that year, Gao Hongbo led his team to the top 40 and reached the peak of fame for a while. In the first two games of the top 12, the national football team drew with Iran and lost slightly to South Korea. All circles are full of hope for defeating Syria at home; However, there were few opportunities for Chinese football in the game. Gu Chao's low-level mistake helped Syrian striker hribin win a goal. After losing 1-0 at home to Syria, Gao Hongbo discharged the non main team when he was away from Uzbekistan and resigned immediately after that game. It can be said that the key factor for Gao Hongbo from good reputation to leaving after class is Syria.

After Lippi took over the team, the national football team fell at the foot of Syria again. On June 13, 2017, Lippi's team reversed the lead 2-1 in the away game against Syria, but was killed by the opponent's free kick in stoppage time. The change from 3 points to 1 point almost dashed the hope of the national football team to qualify, and Lippi's handsome position was challenged for the first time at that moment. Before the Asian Cup, the national football team once avenged Syria in the warm-up match, but no one expected to meet again, and the national football team became the loser of the opponent.

From Gao Hongbo's class to Lippi's resignation, there is no doubt that Syria's killer is true. In the next top 40 of the national football team, the last game is just against Syria. In the game on June 8, 2020, if the national football team at home against Syria cannot win, it will definitely miss the 2022 World Cup according to the current point situation. So, can the national football team win then? Will Syria become the killer of the third national football manager? Everything will be answered after the national football team climbs out of tonight's trough.