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How do two sons separate their families? What are the taboos of brothers separating their families

Many families have two sons, so how should such families be separated? Let's find out what to say and pay attention to:

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If brothers want to separate. It mainly depends on whether parents have inheritance. If your parents have one, you and your brother have done their duty to support their parents, then the parents' inheritance will be equally distributed. Of course, if either of your brothers has some economic difficulties. Then the inheritance can be appropriately divided a little more. As for other separation, just divide the family property equally.

Matters needing attention in the separation of family and property include:

(1) When separating families and property, we should distinguish between the common property of the family and the personal property of family members.

The division of family property can only be the division of family common property, and the personal property belonging to family members does not belong to the division category.

(2) When dividing families and property, we should divide the family's common property according to the principle of fairness and rationality.

In the division of family property, the division of family common property, especially the division of some production, labor tools, equipment and other property, should be as conducive to production as possible and give full play to the respective expertise of family members. For some specific property that is inconvenient to be divided, it can also be handled flexibly by means of special agreement, so as to give full play to the effectiveness of this item. The division of family property is directly related to the future living arrangements of family members. Therefore, it should be carried out in the form of a division agreement, so that there will be no disputes due to the unclear ownership of a property right after the separation.