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Star detective pays tribute to marine pianist Ming detective 5 special tribute online at the same ti

The legendary film "pianist on the sea" will land in the national cinema on November 15. In the fifth season of "star detective", a special chapter of "marine pianist" was launched at the same time, and the cruise ship reasoning competition inspired by the film began. The combination of shadow synthesis and strong combination is specially exposed today. In the preview, he Jiong, Jing Biran, Zhang Ruoyun, Bai Jingting, Papi sauce and others boarded the Virginia to jointly start a mysterious and wonderful journey and take the audience through the legendary life story of 1900. The national variety show pays tribute to the first release of "marine pianist" in China, waiting for the classic to set sail with fans.

Sea pianist was honored by star detective, revealing he Jiong and Jing bairan's All-Star passenger lineup

The premiere of "time back" concert was just held on November 11, which triggered the audience's collective memory of this aesthetic legend. In order to pay tribute to the classics, the fifth season of "star detective" specially launched a special cruise ship at the same time of the film release time (November 15), and the complicated reasoning plot is about to be staged.

The legendary film and the national variety show jointly released the mixed cutting notice. He Jiong, Jing Boran, Zhang Ruoyun, Bai Jingting, Papi sauce and other 'passengers' boarded the ship Virginia and crossed into the gorgeous retro film world. With the beautiful piano music, the All-Star sea brain burning competition was grandly opened. The melody of aesthetic legend flowed from the tip of 1900's fingers and officially announced 'return from the sea, legendary duel'.

Word of mouth masterpiece united with national variety show blockbuster hot search to ignite the audience's expectation of watching the film

"Pianist on the sea" has an indelible classic status in the eyes of Chinese film fans, with a score of 9.2 on Douban, an authoritative film review website in China. The film has been popular on microblog for three times, including 'domestic release of maritime Pianist', '4K fixed file of repaired Pianist' and 'poster of maritime pianist in the Yellow Sea'. On November 9 and 10, this work held a national advanced screening, with the highest attendance rate, leading other new works in the whole November schedule, and won the "want to see" expectation index of 410000 viewers of the ticket shopping film, which is worthy of the reputation of the classic legend.

On the one hand, it is a masterpiece of public praise, and on the other hand, it is a national variety - Douban, which scores about 9 points every season. After the release of the return news of the fifth season of "star detective", it has also been on the hot search list for many times. At the beginning of this season, the creative cruise ship reasoning competition paid tribute to the classic legend "marine pianist", which ignited the audience's expectation of watching the film.

On November 15, the 4K restored version of the sea pianist will set sail on the big screen, and the special part of the fifth season of the star detective will be launched at the same time.