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What are the brands of milk tea? Top ten national famous milk tea brands

For people who love dessert, milk tea is just a baby. No matter how much trouble they have, they will feel better as long as they drink a cup of milk tea! So with so many milk tea brands in China, what is the best milk tea to drink? Let's count!

1. Honey teasing milk tea

Under Changsha runcha Catering Management Co., Ltd., Midou milk tea is a franchise chain organization focusing on leisure drinks, desserts, snacks and pizza. With the purpose of "making quality and healthy food", it adheres to the quality strategy, and is committed to creating all kinds of drinks, desserts, cultural products and A new business model integrating derivative product development. As a supplier of raw materials, product production and marketing solutions in the beverage, dessert and snack industries, it provides franchisees with an effective platform for entrepreneurship and easy profit.

2. A little milk tea

A little milk tea is a professional milk tea shop that has a particularly good response in the beverage industry. And it is not only limited to milk tea, but also a variety of other fashion drinks, such as fresh tea, sand ice and a series of drinks. With the tiktok and other short videos APP becoming popular, a little milk tea has branches all over the country, and the industry has been constantly praised.

3. Like tea

As China's own high-quality organic tea, Xi tea is combined with China's traditional diet, and then integrated with fresh milk. With advanced production technology and excellent innovative spirit, Xi tea creates the happy tea we can see at present! Although it is not as popular as a little milk tea, it can still rank second. It can be seen that it has been loved by countless diners in the market.

4. Coco can drink tea

Can be used as a table milk tea, which has been developed in the mainland for nearly 20 years. After continuous innovation in technology, formula and taste, it has formed six series: summer drinks, mellow milk tea, white lovers, fresh fruit and fresh tea, limited seasons and mellow black affection. Among the best in the industry! As an old milk tea brand, it now relies on continuous research and development of new products and is listed completely by strength.

5. Fresh fruit time

Fresh fruit time was founded in Beijing in 2007. For more than ten years, it has opened countless branches in major middle schools, colleges and universities and prosperous areas. It is a good choice for entrepreneurship

6. Uchabang

This is a young sprout in the milk tea industry. Huang Shengyi joined in 17 years and is committed to building it into a dazzling star milk tea. After its launch, it was highly praised and quickly became a popular brand.

7. Ancient tea and milk tea

In the most basic raw materials, Guming milk tea adds various flavors of honey and pearls, which not only quenches thirst, but also is unique. In order to make the taste more in line with the requirements of consumers, operators will adjust the proportion and concentration according to their specific requirements. In addition, Guming headquarters has also formulated multiple regulations on material selection and strict requirements.

8. Tplus tea house

This brand strictly selects fresh ingredients. It mainly focuses on tea, fresh milk tea of fresh milk, French cocoa and so on. Adhering to the principle of manual special mixing and creating exclusive drinks for consumers is actually a clear stream of modern drinks!

9. Wusuo flavor

This is another desktop tea, which is the new overlord of tea created by Chengshan catering group. With its unique taste, it has become a favorite brand of many people and won the favor of Liu Yan.

10. Kawangka milk tea

As the first themed milk tea brand in China, kawangka milk tea has won high praise and love from customers for its unique products.