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The fly pig special ticket was regretted, and the merchant compensated 500 yuan for misoperation

The fly pig special ticket was regretted, and the merchant compensated 500 yuan for misoperation

Just after 0:00 on November 11, consumers began to grab tickets at the agency store on the flying pig app. According to the double 11 discount, they can enjoy the lowest ticket by snapping up special tickets on that day.

The agency store is called 'Yuanda international air service'. Many consumers have grabbed low-cost air tickets on double 11. The lowest price of All Nippon Airways Air tickets to and from Japan is only about 800 yuan. Compared with round-trip air tickets of the same airline company, similar time periods and the same class, this is already the price of cabbage.

Grab a special ticket and be asked to refund it

Of course, consumers were happy to get such a cheap ticket. As a result, they were not happy for long. The flying pig special ticket was regretted.

The merchant of the agency store told consumers that the price of the same segment was significantly lower than that of other merchants because the staff mistakenly set the discount of the activity, so the ticket could not be issued. If the ticket was not issued, it would be refunded in full. As a result, at least thousands of orders have been 'regretted'.

Many consumers have bought very cheap special tickets. The original price of a round-trip ticket needs 5000 yuan, and after preferential treatment, it only needs 900 yuan, but it's no use how cheap. The merchant asks for a refund and promises to give a compensation of 500 yuan per order. However, many consumers are unwilling to this compensation scheme.

In this regard, the lawyer believes that if the merchant has agreed on the compensation policy after issuing the ticket in advance, it should pay corresponding compensation. On the other hand, the merchant did not intend to do it, and has refunded and compensated 500 yuan. Whether to compensate the ticket price difference should be negotiated between the merchant and the customer.