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What are the recipient names of double 11 wonderful flowers? Top star names are played bad

Recently, another hot Search about double 11 express appeared. When delivering the express, the courier found that the name on the express doesn't look like a person's name. For example, 'girlfriend outside Qianxi circle', 'Li Ronghao, you're really open your eyes', and even' little tiger tooth of Haoran's brother '. Obviously, this netizen's skin is still skin.

The above is only the netizen of the 'rice circle'. The following is the netizen of the program ape.

'Python is the best language'. Isn't this netizen afraid of express? Did he change his profession in C language before?

In addition, Xiaobian specifically asked the rookie wrapped customer service whether the name of the receiver and the name of the sender should be real. The customer service said that the name of the receiver can be named at will, but the sender must use his real name&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;