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Ma denied data fraud and insisted that every penny was accurate

Ma denied data fraud and insisted that every penny was accurate

On November 13, the fifth world Zhejiang merchants conference was held in Hangzhou. Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba group and President of Zhejiang Merchants Association, made a positive response to tmall's double 11 data fraud in 2019, 'our double 11 data exceeded Wall Street's expectations, and some even speculated about data fraud. I assure you that every penny is extremely accurate in the data age and the Internet age.'

Previously, microblog ID @ Yin Liqing questioned tmall's double 11 fraud, which triggered a heated discussion. For details, see Nandu report: Ali refuted the rumor of double 11 data fraud. Ma Yun once said that the transaction scale was controllable and did not add congestion to logistics.

Pay more attention to the innovative power behind numbers

The figure of "double 11" the day before yesterday exceeded expectations and exceeded everyone's prediction of today's original economic situation. Wall street once predicted that double 11 would increase by about 20%, mainly believing that China's consumption is sluggish and China's economy is in recession. But our data actually increased by 25.7%. " Ma Yun said at the meeting.

At the same time, in his opinion, double 11 is not a digital event, but a grand event of innovative power. " The number of double 11 is not the key, the key is the real power behind the number. " Ma Yun said. For him, the power of technology, the power of innovation in China's manufacturing industry and the power of businesses to seek change are the real 'core' behind the double 11 numbers.

It is expected to sell $1 trillion of goods in 2019

Ma Yun said that the new technologies driven by e-commerce have strongly supported the development of the real economy. This year, Alibaba is expected to sell $1 trillion of goods, 80% of which are produced by the real economy.

At the same time, Ma Yun believes that in less than a decade, China has established the most powerful and advanced logistics system in the world. This express logistics system can withstand 60 billion packages a year.

In addition, interestingly, Ma Yun's' suggestion 'at the scene also aroused applause:' we hope that in the future double 11, the country can take half a day off. '